JABU matriculates 506 students

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The foremost entrepreneurial University in Nigeria, Joseph Ayo Babalola University Ikeji-Arakeji Osun state recently  matriculated 473 undergraduate and 33 post graduate students for the 2017/2018 academic session.

Speaking at event, Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Sola Fajana advised the students to commit themselves to the pursuit of knowledgeable and understanding, as vital means to self-betterment and the betterment of humankind.

He noted that in coming to JABU, the students begin a new life journey- a voyage that is centred on higher learning and the making , sharing and spreading of knowledge.

The VC further told the students that this is also a voyage of self discovery, saying that the time they will spend at JABU will be one of the freest and most exciting times in their life.

According to him, it is a great opportunity to discover who they are, adding that; "It is said that ‘you are who you are.’ That’s not entirely true. You are also who you learn to become."

"Our first purpose is to produce knowledge, so that we can better understand our natural and social worlds and also enrich our scientific and cultural heritage."

"This means that we test the inherited knowledge of earlier generations, we dismantle the mumbo jumbo that  masquerades for knowledge, we ‘reinvigorate’ knowledge, and we share our findings with others."

"We undertake research into the mysteries and hidden secrets of life and the most theoretical and intractable uncertainties of knowledge. At the time, we also strive to apply our discoveries for the benfits of humankind. We delve into issues and undertake enquiries that may not appear," he stated.

Prof Fajana said JABU's motto is “For knowledge and Godly Service," and this expresses their commitment to produce leaders who are godly, as well as knowledgeable, ethical, compassionate and decent humans.

He told the students that they have the honour of studying at a very special and distinctive university, one that deservedly command an enviable academic reputation.

He added that; "you are part of the very fortunate one who God has selected to attend the first entrepreneurial universality in Nigeria. The JABU community you are joining is made of students and staff who come from diverse social, cultural, linguistic, religious background and also from different levels of experience.

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