My vision is to plant 1000 churches- Pastor Anu Ojo

VOM DCC Superintendent, Pastor Anu Ojo


The newly inducted Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church Vineyard of Mercy (VOM) Districts Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor Anu Ojo, has stated that his vision is to plant 1000 churches.

Pastor Ojo stated this last Saturday while delivering his welcome speech at the inauguration and induction service of  VOM DCC.

He said favour has made the church grow into many branches, with many potentials, leaders and ministers around the world emerging from the root or foundation.

He said that merging and coordinating more assemblies and districts has never and will never be problem or burden to them.

"In our operation, we are Apostolic in nature, prophetic in stature and Evangelistic unto rapture. Together we shall move mountains, level valleys, plant more churches and impact many more lives," he stated.

Pastor Ojo further stated that;"the inauguration of our new status (Districts Coordinating Council and my induction as a DCC Superintendent) is the first of its kind in CAC Worldwide. Our Fathers, the Authority of the Church loved us, believed so much in us and elevated us with a double promotion, from District level to Districts Coordinating Council level without having to first become a Zone. This is what favour can give you. Other favourable benefits are also attached to make this day come to pass in its due season, which personal statement and letters have indicated to the Authorities of our Mission."

He thanked the CAC authority for their accord, award and reward.

He congratulated all their nine District Superintendents including himself as their leader.

According to Pastor Ojo, the authority of the church have promoted four of their Pastors to the ranks of District and Zonal Superintendents respectively, adding that others were transferred to higher and better grounds.


  1. Pastor Anu Ojo is an anointed man of the Most High God

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