EXCLUSIVE! Despite new regional administration, state councils won’t be abolished

Nine of the newly appointed 12 Regional Superintendents of CAC Worldwide


Despite the formation of new regional administrative in Christ Apostolic Church World, state councils won’t be abolished CAC NEWS can authoritatively and exclusively report.

The regional administration would take off in CAC Worldwide from Monday January 1st 2018. A total number of twelve regions were created.

CAC NEWS gathered that despite the formation of regional administration, state councils (like Lagos 1, 2 and 3 councils in Lagos state) will not be abolished. The existing structure will make the regions work easier.

Pastor M.O Oyepetun

In an exclusive interview with CAC NEWS, the Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region which comprises of Oyo/Osun state, Pastor M.O Oyepetun said that all the councils in all the states will continue under the umbrella of regions.

He noted that there will be Regional Youth Secretary, Regional Good women Secretary, Regional CACMA Secretary and Regional Usher Secretary among others in every region, adding that this is to ensure things we have been doing before will not be destroyed, but more are added to them.

When being asked about the duties of Regional Superintendent, Pastor Oyepetan said; “during the orientation programme organized for us by the authority of CAC Worldwide, we were thought that the duties of Regional Superintendents are to oversee the work of God in the regions. They taught us that we will be in charge of DCCs, Zones, Districts and Assemblies. We were told that the work of God must move forward more than before in terms of planting of more churches, making people to be disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ and many others. The work of Regional Superintendent is bringing us back to the old vision of all our founding fathers which is to see that people give their lives to Christ and plant churches.”

The Regions, with their respective coverage areas, Headquarters and Superintendents are as follows:

1. ADELAJA Region -Kano & Yola Conference Centres @ KANO (Pastor S.N.Maichibi)

2. MEDAYESE Region -Part North/Middle Belt @ ABUJA (Pastor G.C.Osuigbo)

3. OLUTIMEHIN Region -Port Harcourt Conference Centre @ P/HARCOURT (Pastor E.O. Ichelu)

4. BABALOLA Region -Oyo & Osun States @ IBADAN (Pastor M.O.Oyepetan)

5. ODUBANJO Region -Ondo & Ekiti States @ AKURE (Pastor S.O.Akinsulure)

6. HANSON Region -Edo & Delta States @ BENIN CITY (Pastor H.E.Edovie)

7. ODUSONA Region -Eastern States @ ENUGU (Pastor E.T.Ogunyinka)

8.BABAJIDE Region -Kwara & Kogi States @ ODO-OWA (Pastor M. A.Ogundeji)

9. AKINYELE Region -Lagos & Ogun States @ LAGOS (Pastor M.O.Yusuf)

10. LATUNDE Region - All America/Canada @ CAC VILLAGE, AMERICA (Pastor T.A.O.Agbeja)

11. ANOSIKE Region- All Europe @ LONDON (Pastor Medayese)

12. OROGUN Region - Other Africa Countries @ GAMBIA (Reg.Suptd to be appointed)

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