My advice for CAC Youth Officer- Pastor Anu Ojo

DCC Superintendent, CAC Vineyard of Mercy, Pastor Anu Ojo


The District Coordinating Council (DCC) Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Vineyard of Mercy (VOM), Sabo-Yaba, Pastor Anu Ojo has advised new CAC Youth Officer, Pastor Sam Gbuyiro to look for youth coordinators who can help him to fulfill the purpose of God and take the youth department to the next level.

Pastor Ojo stated this in an exclusive interview with CAC NEWS.

The former Youth Officer said when he was there he had over 400 youth coordinators that he was pumping the idea and the vision into, saying that Pastor Gbuyiro should not do it alone.

He noted that the Youth Officer should organize programmes that give youths values, saying that youths should be made to know what values are.

Pastor Ojo said that some youths want to live their lives anyhow like people in the secular world, noting that they need to be thought values.

"Pastor Gbuyiro should not be afraid to tell the truth. Whichever way you say it there are people who will not accept the truth. He should be focus and know his agenda. He should do his best to glorify God," he noted.

He said that: "I was the Youth Officer from 1995 to 2003. From 4000 youths we grew to about 34,000 holding programmes and seminars. When I was there I had over 400 coordinators that I was pumping the idea and the vision into. Some of them have become Pastors, Superintendents, Elders, Evangelist and some are still youth leaders till today. I was holding meetings with them at least once in a month telling them why we must reach out, why we must change and we made it looked like everyone from 50years down was a youth. It was part of our system then and we said it that even when you are old, you are youth at heart and everybody was involved. The programmes we were holding were interesting."

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