CACYOF Week of Oke Anu District commences


The maiden edition of the annual week of Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF), Oke Ayo, Oke Odo district has commenced yesterday Monday 27th November, 2017.

The Coordinator of CACYOF, Oke Ayo, Oke Odo district, Evang. Afolabi Emmanuel Sunday exclusively told CAC NEWS that the programme is first of its kind, adding that the theme of the programme is the Courageous Youth. 

He noted that the programme is staring today Monday 27th to Sunday 3rd of December, 2017.
According to him, the one week programme will start from each assembly under Oke Anu Oke Odo district from Monday to Thursday. 

“There will be unified lecture on daily basis in all the local assembly under Oke Anu, Oke Odo district. The lecture will be from Monday to Wednesday; while there will be quiz competition on Thursday. The area of concentration for the quiz competition is the book of Esther. The quiz competition is at assembly level. From Monday to Thursday we have various topics under the theme Courageous Youth. Monday topic is “Sound Mind,” Tuesday will be “Desire to reason with God” and Wednesday is “ Joined Together.” On Friday, all the youths of the district will gather at the district headquarters for Praise and Drama Night. The programme will run from 8pm to 5am,” he said. 

He noted that the purpose of the youth week is to foster unity among youth, saying that they want the youths to know that there is strength in unity. 

He further stated that; “There is nobody, church or nation that can do it alone. Coming together is the best. We want to reignite the unity that started CAC Worldwide. Apostle Babalola was nowhere to be found when Baba Medaiyese, Esinsinade and Odubanjo have been praying for revival and God brought Babalola from nowhere. Despite the fact that they were the one that baptized and ordained him, they accepted him”

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