EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Why CAC must unite- Prophet Adeleke

Prophet/Evangelist Olufemi Adekeye

Prophet/Evangelist Olufemi Adekeye who happens to be a young and dynamic minister of God is the Senior Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Palace of Fire and Prayer, Igbogbo Ikorodu Lagos. All roads will lead to Ikorodu on Sunday 19th of November for the church anniversary and his birthday.

In this exclusive interview with the Publisher of CAC NEWS, OLUWAGBENGA BANKOLE, Prophet Adeleke speaks on the challenges he faced in the ministry, the appointment of Prophet Hezekiah as the new General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide and many more. Excerpt!

Tell us about your journey into the ministry?

Firstly I give God all the glory. God has been so faithful since he has called me into the ministry I have been enjoying His faithfulness. By the grace of God I entered into the ministry in year 2008 after graduating from Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary. From 2008 till date, God has been so faithful to me and I have been enjoying His presence in my ministry. I am a Revivalist by the grace of God and an Evangelist to the core.

What have being the challenges so far?

I believe challenge is not our enemy, it is just our teacher. I see every challenge as a teacher and as a stepping stone to another level. Although I passed through a lot of challenges but to God be the glory. Challenge is a source of strength and energy to me.

Who were those who made memorable impacts into your ministry?

I have met a lot of people that have impacted me so much in the ministry. I give God all the glory. There is a particular man of God that impacted my life so much although the man is late. The man I am referring to is Late Prophet Elijah Akinade. Apart from him, I also met a man which is name is Evangelist Adewumi Isaac. The man is now in Osun state. He is a prophet to the core and his life impacted me a lot.

There are so many other people I have met in the ministry who have impacted me, even in Christ Apostolic Church. There was one of my bosses that we used to be in Apapa District Coordinating Council together under Pastor Olu Agbabiaka. His name is Prophet Isaac Ojo. His life impacted me. He imbibes in me fasting and committed life.

There are some people outside CAC that their lives also impacted me. People like T.J Jades, Joshua Iginla, Apostle Johnson Suleiman and many others. I have never met them personally but their books impacted me.

Tell us brief about this year’s anniversary which is also in conjunction with your birthday?

To God be the glory we have been moving from one place to the other until the Lord brought us to this place. In Genesis chapter 26, the servant of Isaac dig a well, they strife and shifted to another place to dig another well. They moved to the third place and dig another well where they discovered water. Nobody strife with them and they called the place Rehoboth. We thank God for His faithfulness. We are on our own land and we still have another assembly.

We are celebrating 4years of God’s faithfulness. I want to celebrate my birthday with it for the faithfulness of God.

Not too long ago the authority of CAC Worldwide announced the appointment of Prophet Hezekiah as the new General Evangelist of the church. What is your opinion about his appointment and your advice for him?

 I think Prophet Hezekiah is a man of grace. Apostle Paul said that I am what I am today by His grace. It is the grace of God upon his life that brought him to where he is today. I appreciate God in his life.

My advice for him is that he should follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in everything he wants to do. He should not listen to the voice of men. There are many voices outside there. There are so many people who will be trying to control or compel him. The bible says those who are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God. He should always harken to the voice of God and make sure he helps those who are coming before him. He should continue to lay a good foundation for others to follow. There are some people that if they have not gotten into any position you can’t really know them. Prophet Hezekiah is now part of the authority of the church he should prove himself. He should do what God want him to do in that office. He should not see the office as a privilege, but as a responsibility. There are some people who use the position they attain for their own benefits. He should not use the position for his own gain, rather as a responsibility that God has called him to that position to help others and win more souls into the kingdom of God.

What is your advice to the church authority on the unity with the supreme council?

I will be the most happiest person if the supreme council comes back and I was happy when I saw if because I saw it on social media. I will be happy if the two fractions can come together to become one. There are so many ministries who want to come back to CAC if the two fractions can come together.

We brought nothing into this world and certainly we will not take anything way. They should consider that. The bible says contentment and godliness is a great gain. If they are contented with God has put into their own possession let them humble themselves and come together. It takes humility and the leading of the Holy Spirit to do such a thing. 

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