The misconceptions about Christ Apostolic Church

By Olayinka Oluwalana


CAC is not known for fighting each other but rather helping each other.


CAC is not known for pulling others down but for uplifting and edifying the body of Christ


CAC is not known for being a prayer machine but for praying the heartfelt prayers of God


CAC is not known for clapping competition but clapping that drives demonic power out of their habitation


CAC is not known for jamboree but for Holy ghost prescribed programs


CAC is not known for indecency but for cultured youths and God-fearing adults


CAC is not known for division and confusion but for unity and love


CAC is a never a church that lacks directions but a church of Jesus, where he tends his sheep


CAC is not established for private or personal purposes; it is rather an establishment of the Holy ghost


CAC is a not a home for dumping sick folks but it is a healing home for all diverse kind of diseases. What binds us together is strong that we cannot be broken. God is recruiting end time armies for his assignment. Armies that will not break ranks.

We will be one again (There will no longer be division amidst us BECAUSE IN THE BEGINNING IT WAS NOT SO)


Can we all agree unanimously to ask God for revival. Enough of complains Let us bring down the hand of God even as we unite on this social media platform.




God bless YOU, God bless CAC, God bless NIGERIA


Make as viral more than virus.

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