YOUTH CORNER: Developing our Christian Youth Leadership Skills

So how can we develop our Christian youth leadership skills?

  1. Pray and Study the Bible: The first step to developing our leadership skills is by growing in Christ and studying His Word. We need to be intentional about our discipleship journey, spending time in prayer and studying the Bible daily.
  2. Serve Others: Christian youth leadership is about serving others. We can involve ourselves in volunteer work, such as community service or mission trips. By serving others, we learn how to lead with empathy and compassion.
  3. Take Part in Leadership Programs: There are many Christian leadership programs available for young people. Christian camps, conferences, and youth groups can also be a great place to develop our Christian youth leadership skills.
  4. Find a Mentor: Mentors play a crucial role in our leadership journey. They provide guidance, wisdom, and support. Find someone who is a strong Christian leader and willing to mentor you.
  5. Practice Followership: Part of being a leader is learning to follow. We can practice followership by learning from those in leadership positions, following their instructions, and being respectful.

Christian youth leadership is about influencing others positively and leading them towards Christ. As young people, we have a responsibility to live out our faith and serve others. By combining discipleship and followership, we become better leaders who make a positive impact on others. Developing our Christian youth leadership skills takes time, but with prayer, studying the Bible, serving others, taking part in leadership programs, finding a mentor, and practicing followership, we can grow and become strong Christian youth leaders who bring glory to God.


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