YOUTH CORNER: What youths expect from their Pastors (Part III)


Having established some of the peculiarities of the 21st century youths and the implications on Christian youths in the last article, it is necessary to zero out and capitalize on the fact that many youths care less about what you know about them but how much you care for them. If there be any major language that youths understand, it is the language of CARE. 

The youths expect that Pastors will care about them and care for them. This alone gives them a sense of belonging in the Church. It gives them warmth and reasons they should be part of the Church and the Pastor’s life. 

Also, the youths have got many peculiar challenges that require solutions. Many of these challenges are contemporary which, if care is not taken, the old ideas and belief systems (that are not updated to the present state of things), will not proffer solutions. 

Some of these contemporary challenges and issues faced by youths include:

1. Transgenderism 

2. Homosexuality

3. Masturbation

4. Betting and gambling

5. Internet fraud

6. Pornography

7. Falsification of documents

8. Bribery to securing a job

9. The dilemma of rightness/wrongness of IVF and Surrogacy etc. 

With these range of many unending challenges and issues confronted by youths in their daily activities and decision making, the youths are expectant that their Pastors will have sound theological answers and solutions to these challenges.

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