CAC Akinyele Region holds Ministers’ Leadership Summit, unveils regional website


By Samuel Olamide Osifuye

Christ Apostolic Church Akinyele Region has on Thursday, 20 June, 2024, held a Leadership Summit for all Ministers in the region. 

The programme which took place at CAC Oke-Ibukun, Yaba Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC) Hqtrs, Lagos State, sought to reform the mindset and lifestyle of all ministers in the region.

In his welcome address, the Regional Superintendent, Pastor S. A. Adedayo who speaking on the theme ‘God's Expectation in the Life and Ministry of a Minister’ from the text Ephesians 2:10, emphasized the divine calling for ministers to exemplify holiness, uphold sound doctrine, lead with servanthood, nurture spiritual growth, embody love, maintain faithfulness, and demonstrate accountability and humility.

“There is no way you can achieve excellence in ministry according to God's expectation without you being totally committed to the work commissioned in your hands”, he said.

According to Pastor Adedayo, "Another missing virtue among Christ Apostolic Church’s Ministers is the punctuality mindset which is terribly ridiculous in this modern age and time. You will agree with me that in our present day, Ministers in ministry lack adequate discipline expected of us by God. Nobody is ready to be disciplined. Self-discipline is the ability to control one's emotions and behaviour."

Speaking as a Guest Speaker at the summit, the Superintendent of CAC Light of the world Zone, Pastor Doyin Ezekiel Adeyemi emphasized the critical role of commitment in ministry, drawing inferences from Matthew 16:21-25. 

He said God's call on His Ministers is grounded in His grace, not their own merits, stating that, "we gather here today not by our own wisdom, but by the grace of God. It is His expectation that we become committed vessels, fulfilling His divine purpose."

He lamented on the waning commitment seen in the church and the world, urging ministers to embrace sacrificial dedication over convenience. He also stressed that ministry should prioritize God's purpose over personal ambition or fame, charging ministers to focus on nurturing disciples and impacting lives.

Emphasizing the importance of fulfilling God's kingdom agenda, Pastor Adeyemi affirmed that "Ministry is about raising giants for God, not about buildings or personal accolades."

Speaking on the topic ‘Stewardship of our time’, the Superintendent of CAC Itire DCC, Pastor Gideon Oladokun reiterated the importance of time management in the lives of ministers. 

Quoting Psalm 90:12, he emphasized the connection between wise stewardship of time and spiritual maturity, saying that "Time is life."

Pastor Oladokun lamented the implications of pervasive issue of time misuse among Christians, asserting that ineffective time management equates to squandering life itself. The cleric stressed the universal and impartial nature of time, calling for responsible stewardship from all individuals.

Outlining practical strategies for effective time management, the clergy urged attendees to prioritize activities such as prayer, study, fellowship, family, and ministry. 

He cautioned against pitfalls like procrastination and ungodly distractions, advocating for disciplined lifestyles characterized by punctuality and diligence.

Reflecting on his personal journey from being a taxi driver to a minister, the Itire DCC Superintendent shared insights into the transformative power of intentional time investment and continuous personal growth.

Another soul-stiring moment was the third lecture for the day, titled ‘Impact of self-discipline in a serious-minded minister’ which was delivered by the Superintendent of CAC Alapere DCC, Pastor E. Olu Adebayo.

He stressed the critical importance of self-discipline in ministerial life, attributing many challenges in today's church to its absence. Drawing on biblical insights, he emphasized that "self-discipline is not just about following rules; it's about mastering oneself internally."

Comparing ministers to stewards, he emphasized their responsibility and accountability, cautioning against personal agendas that overshadow divine mandates. 

"Humility and service are crucial in resisting the temptation of self-promotion," he said.

Speaking with a strong sense of passion for revival in the lives of the attendees, Pastor Adebayo illustrated his teachings with biblical examples like Abel and Solomon, demonstrating how disciplined living and sacrificial devotion lead to spiritual rewards. 

He passionately called the ministers to action, urging them to "reclaim the integrity and effectiveness of their ministries through embracing self-discipline."

"Self-discipline is the key to unlocking God's purpose in ministry, guiding us to fulfill His will with integrity and effectiveness,” said Pastor Adebayo.

Another highlight of the program was the unveiling of the region's newly developed website, ‘’ by the Regional Superintendent, Pastor S.A. Adedayo, aimed at improving accessibility and services for its members. During the announcement, Pastor Adedayo asked his personal assistant,, who elaborated on the website's functionalities.

Explaining the functionalities of the website, P. A. the Regional Superintendent, Pastor Abiodun Busayo, said that, “the website will serve as a hub where members can seamlessly access all regional programs via live streaming. It offers a comprehensive archive of past messages delivered by the regional superintendent, available in both audio and video formats, along with recordings of significant past events.”

Speaking further, Pastor Busayo said “in addition to its informational role, the website introduces practical features to streamline administrative processes. Members and ministers can now conveniently make payments for levies online. Upon completion, they can submit evidence of payment electronically to the secretariat through the website. A digital receipt will be generated instantly, ensuring smooth documentation until physical copies are collected at the regional office.”

The feat is another milestone achieved by Akinyele Region as it sets the record for the first region to develop a functional website in Christ Apostolic Church Nigeria & Overseas.

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