Pastor Gabriel Okafor laid to rest

Pa Gabriel Ebonem Obiekezie Okafor, first Choir Master at CAC Olugbode, Odo Ona, Ibadan, Secretary of defunct CAC United Choir Association, former Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church and former General Secretary of the Church bid the world goodbye on December 22, 2023.

At his funeral service which took place at Babalola International Miracle Camp, Ikeji Arakeji where the family has a private plot, on Thursday, March 7, 2024; the Royal Shepherds gave the deceased a glowing tribute as one of the authorities, which established the para-military outfit.

In his exhortation, one of the officiating ministers and Regional Superintendent of Orogun, Pastor E. S. Famuyide said the Bible talked of two types of death, the carnal as well as spiritual deaths.

According to him, anyone who has not accepted Jesus Christ as his/her personal lord and savior is dead spiritually. He enjoined all those at the burial service and who are yet to embrace the salvation of Jesus Christ to do so now. Citing 1st Corinthians 15:31-32; Pastor Famuyide said it is only in Christ that people can find life that can’t be found elsewhere.

He added that if anyone died and the life of Christ is not found in such a life, he or she won’t resurrect on the day of resurrection. Before the interment of the remains of the deceased, the General Secretary, Pastor E. E. Mapur, who represented the authorities of the Church, prayed for the family of the deceased.

At the outing and Thanksgiving service which was held at All Saints Chapel, in the General Secretariat of Christ Apostolic Church the following day, Friday, March 8, 2024, Pastor Gabriel S. Dada, the Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region preaching on the topic: “Travelling by whirlwind to heaven” told all his listeners that each of them would one day travel to heaven one day. In the case of Prophet Elijah, his journey to heaven was by whirlwind, other people’s means of travelling could be sickness or by any other means. But it is certain everyone will one day travel to heaven. 

He, however, said that to travel to heaven, one must have done deeds that would make one qualified for heaven. The person must have been born again and must have kept faith with Christ Jesus. Quoting from 2nd Kings 2:1-14, he said appointment with death is certain for all mortals. In the case of Elijah, the prophet was certain he was travelling to heaven, he was obedient till the last moment as he kept on telling his servant, Elisha that God sent him to Bethel, to Jericho and to Jordan. He likened this to Pastor Gabriel Okafor’s preparedness to meet Christ at death.

He said Elijah, just like Pastor Okafor, did not lose his contact with the altar, which Bethel represented. He did fight a good fight and he was victorious. Alluding to Jericho as a place of victory. He added that Pastor Okafor had his own battles in life and he was victorious. He said Elijah reached the place of victory, which Jericho represented.

He further urged his listeners to always bear it in mind that they would leave whatever position they are one day. He therefore added that they should ensure that they prepare somebody to take over from them in the same manner Elijah prepared a successor for himself in Elisha.

After the sermon, the Regional Superintendent of Pearce Region prayed for the family of the deceased. The family later entertained the guests at the Ibadan Civic Centre.

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