CAC Nigeria and Overseas commences Executive Management Training for members of church management committee

By 'Gbenga Bankole

In line with its three-point agenda, the authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas organised an Executive Training for members of the Church Management Committee (MANCO) on Monday March 18, 2024. 

In his opening speech, the President of the Church, Pastor Samuel Olusegun Oladele recalled that exactly twenty-six months ago (From Monday January 17 to Friday 22, 2022) members of the Management Committee gathered in the same facility as the first batch of the Pastors' Leadership Retreat (PLR) facilitated by the Christ Apostolic Church Leadership Academy (CACLA).

He further stated that in that one week they learnt so much that shaped their views and decisions subsequently.

According to him, the training opened their eyes to the vast resources that CAC is blessed with. 

He disclosed that since their batch, more than 2000 DCC/Zonal and District Superintendents have been trained at the PLR with very positive feedback which has helped in taking decisions that are highly beneficial to the Church. However, since learning is never ending, the Management Committee agreed to again gather to get more tips on how to run the Church efficiently such that she will fulfill her divine purpose. 

He expressed his belief that the one-day training program would be highly impactful and rewarding too. 

The one-day training which was held at the College of Post Graduate Studies, Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU), Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State focused on topics like duties of a Regional Superintendent, Church Administration and Management, Capacity Building and Emotional Intelligence.Particpanrts include Principal Officers of the Church and Regional Superintendents.

The 3-point agenda of this administration are Reconciliation, Human Capital Development and Evangelism/Church Growth.

Two newly-appointed Regional Superintendents were introduced namely, Pastor Gabriel A. Aboderin (Medaiyese Region) and Pastor Gideon Obiwale (Odubanjo Region).

Resource Persons at the training include Pastor Emmanuel E. Mapur (CAC General Secretary), Pastor Simeon O. Oladokun (Regional Superintendent of Anosike Region in Europe), Pastor T.D. Asokeji (Special Assistant to the President) and Pastor Tope Dada (Director of Administration).

Photo Speaks!

CAC President, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele 

CAC General Superintendent, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi 

CAC General Evangelist, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji

CAC General Secretary, Pastor Emmanuel E. Mapur

CAC Finance Director, Pastor Johnson F. Omitinde 

Regional Superintendent of Anosike Region, Pastor S.O. Oladokun 

Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region, Pastor G.S. Dada

Regional Superintendent of Orogun Region, Pastor E.S. Famuyide

Regional Superintendent of Babajide Region, Pastor S.O. Owolabi

Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region, Pastor S.A. Adedayo

Regional Superintendent of Odusona Region, Pastor Andrew Igwe

Regional Superintendent of Orokoya Region, Pastor C.S.A. Balogun

Regional Superintendent of Akilling Region, Pastor E.O. Olusoko

Regional Superintendent of Hanson Region, Pastor Timothy Gbugudu

Outgoing Regional Superintendent of Odubanjo Region, Pastor B.O. Akanmu

Regional Superintendent of Medaiyese Region, Pastor G.A. Aboderin 

Regional Superintendent of Olutimehin Region, Pastor Nicholas Ikefuama

Regional Superintendent of Pearce Region, Pastor S.O. Aluko

Regional Superintendent of Sophia-Ajayi Region, Pastor S.O. Jaiyeoba

Regional Superintendent of Essien Region, Pastor I.O. Eyebiokin 

Newly appointed Regional Superintendent of Odubanjo Region, Pastor Gideon Obiwale 

Regional Superintendent of Adelaja Region, Pastor S.N. Maichibi

Regional Superintendent of Latunde Region (North America) Pastor T.O.A. Agbeja

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