CAC General Evangelist leads dedication service for newly built CAC Unchangeable Changer Cathedral


By Osifuye Samuel Olamide

It was a day of divine fulfillment on Tuesday, March 12, 2024 as the newly built Cathedral of Christ Apostolic Church, Unchangeable Changer District headquarters, Lagos was officially dedicated.

CAC Unchangeable Changer District, was planted by Prophet (Dr.) Oluwaseun Oluwatunmibi in the year 2006.

The programme commenced outside the walls of the cathedral with a dedication service and cutting of the tapes which were performed by the General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church Nigeria & Overseas, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji, and the Superintendent of CAC Itire DCC, Pastor Gideon O. Oladokun.

Prophet Hezekiah commended Prophet & Evangelist (Mrs.) Oluwatunmibi for their passion toward the works and growth of God’s Kingdom.

“I appreciate you for your dedicated service. Even though this cathedral is not a heritage to be handed over to your children, yet, you dedicated so much time and resources in ensuring this befitting edifice is built for God. I appreciate you. And may God bless you”, said Prophet Oladeji.

In his speech, the Superintendent of C.A.C Itire DCC, Pastor Gideon Oladokun commended Prophet Oluwatunmibi for his dedicated service and for facilitating the construction of the great edifice, advising the cleric not to relent but forge further in the works of the kingdom, which comes with many rewards here on earth and in heaven.

With text taken from Matthew 5 vs. 13-19, the Superintendent of CAC Ilorin DCC, Pastor (Evang.) Emmanuel Toluwase Akeredolu gave a sermon titled ‘Switch on the light’ where he admonished the congregation to ensure their light shine for everyone to see.

“If Prophet and Evang. (Mrs.) Oluwatunmibi had refused to switch on their lights, this cathedral won’t be in existence today, and we won’t be gathered here to celebrate God’s glory”, said Evang. Akeredolu.

Speaking further, he asked “how many times have you switched off your light just because you don’t need it but while others are in darkness? Why will you grow your bank account into millions while some are living in poverty? Why will you keep new clothes in your closet, trash or burn unused ones while some are wearing tattered clothes or are naked?”, said the clergy.

In his speech, Prophet (Dr.) Oluwatunmibi who gave thanks to God for the grace bestowed on him and his family to be found eligible to be used and blessed by God, also appreciated the General Evangelist of the church for taking time out of his busy schedule to dedicate the cathedral, all ministers of God present and the congregation for gracing the occasion.

The host minister noted that, “We bought this land in April 2019 and commenced the building foundation in the same year. We were able to get to the third decking in the year 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, even as hard as that period was. God is faithful.”

Speaking to CACNews correspondent, Prophet Oladeji said building a worship centre is a commendable service and the rewards for such act are enormous, while he addressed the present state of the country, saying “until the political leaders realize that only God can efficiently and rightly rule a nation, Nigeria just like any other plagued country will always find itself in such situation”.

Prophet (Dr.) Oluwatunmibi also told CACNews that “evangelism is the core assignment of Christians here on earth, and that’s what I’ve dedicated my life to”, furthering that, “the three-storey Cathedral comprises a worship auditorium with gallery, a hall, conference and board room, offices, and a power house”.

Also present at the dedication service were the Secretary of Evangelical Team, CAC Nigeria & Overseas, Pastor J.O Makinwa; Prophet Tunde Kajogbola; Superintendent CAC Oke-Anu District, Lagos, Pastor S.O Ojo; Superintendent CAC Atamatase District, Prophet Kayode Adio; Leader of Prophetess & Lady Evangelists, CAC Nigeria & Overseas, Prophetess Deborah Ojo; Superintendent CAC Shiloh District, Ilorin, Pastor Peter Akerele; among many others.

A renowned gospel singer, Esther Igbekele thrilled the audience to a memorable and fun-filled reception after the service at the hall of the cathedral.

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