Revival we need is a revival of godliness, sanctification, says Pastor Unction Timothy


Pastor Unction Timothy Olufemi

By Boluwatife Oparinde

The Minister in charge, Christ Apostolic Church, Chapel of Praise, Ile Ife, Pastor Unction Timothy Olufemi, has stated that the needed revival in this contemporary times is revival of godliness and sanctification.

"God will not change His standard to your standard," he added.

Pastor Olufemi, who is also the National Teenagers Coordinator, CAC Nigeria and Overseas, made these assertions while ministering on an every Sunday online revival prayer programme organized by Prayer Club, on the topic "The Revival We Need".

The cleric who shared that he got bornagain at age 7 and started ministry at the age of 13 with a divine encounter at age 30years, explained how the Lord told hin the baton handed over to the church is no longer in the church.

Lamenting on the current wave of imitation in the ministry, the clergyman counselled his online audience to always know what the Spirit of God is saying, adding that a lot of people are dying for the traditions of men.

Noting that there is always a new move of God, he explained that the move of God in the time of Joshua was different from the move of God during Moses; while the one with Peter was different from Paul.

Answering what revival really is, the CAC National Teenagers Coordinator, alluded to Isaiah 60:1-2, expositing that "Isaiah was saying this over 800 years before Jesus was born, he was talking about the end time."

He continued that the current trend of Christianity is bringing confusion to the church, as many lives are contrary to thr righteousness and sanctification standard of God.

"Honouring God with their mouths and not their heart. Unfortunately devil has hijacked the system. The revival we need starts from when the Lord arrives upon us. Practically, people will see Christ in our lives," Pastor Unction said. 

According to him, "the end time revival is not a one man stage, it is a collective move. What will bring to pass this kind of revival is found in Isaiah and the end time revival is a mystery of godliness."

Stressing that discipleship is a lifestyle, the clergyman pointed that "the problem is that, the mode that makes us son is no longer in the church and this mode is discipleship," furthering that there are many youths who are zealous for God but without knowledge.

Pastor Unction Timothy concluded with John 10:26-27 which says "But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me."

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