Irrespective of Nigeria's present economic situation or personal challenges, don't give up, Prophet Akinyele implores Nigerians

Prophet Ebenezer Akinyele

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Zonal Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, SouthWest Houston Zone, Prophet Ebenezer Akinyele has implored Nigerians, particularly Christians never to give up irrespective of the present economic situation of the country or personal challenges.

He urged Nigerians not to pay attention to negative words or pronunciation some people make about the country, but look up to God for survival.

Prophet Akinyele stated this last Friday while ministering at a vigil programme of CAC Iwolerikan, Badore Ajah Assembly, Lagos. 

Speaking on the topic "Unshakable Faith", the renowned prophet of the gospel said many people pray without having faith in God.

He noted that, "man says 'seeing is believing,' but faith says 'believing is seeing'; faith is not theoretical, but practical."

According to him, faith is going to an unknown destination through God's directive, it is to believe what you don't see. 

"Prayer is not answered based on emotions, it's through faith. Every challenge of life is a test of faith. Faith is having the confidence that God will do what He promised. Faith is the simple obedience that what God said about you will come to pass. Faith is knowing that God will do it. Faith doesn't rely on what you are going through or peoples' opinions. Faith is the only decision that what God has said will come to pass," he noted.

Prophet Akinyele said the business of faith is that anything God says He will do, it may not make sense, but inside it God is there. 

He added that; "It's time for you to change your attitude. If you want to put faith into action, you must take a risk. Faith involves saying good things about your life and future irrespective of the situation. Every word is a seed, you will use the word of your mouth to create your world. Stop saying wrong things to yourself. Stop saying you don't have money, instead tell God you need money. Everything God has done for me in life, I have declared it with my mouth. In this famine, God wants to raise some people and that is why you should not join the world to utter negative statements."

Speaking on the negative effect of unbelief, the Clergyman said unbelief will ask you a question that 'can God do it?', but faith will tell you that 'God will do it,' urging the people to "believe in Jesus, He will never leave or reject those who believe in Him."

The vigil had different impactful prayer sessions, drama ministration and song ministration by the church choir and Guest Singer, Jesupemi Olusegun.

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