Prophet Ologbonyo implores President Tinubu on curbing insecurity in Nigeria

Prophet Ade Ologbonyo 

The planter of Christ Apostolic Church, Boanerges, Prophet Joseph Ade Ologbonyo has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to do more to reduce national insecurity

In his message for the New Year, the well-known gospel prophet made this statement while sanctifying the Erin Ijesha community in Osun State, Nigeria. 

He mentioned the kidnapping of a cocoa businessman and a woman not too long ago, for which a sizable ransom was paid to secure their release. 

He claimed that incidents like these and the most recent massacre in Plateau State make it imperative for the government to find a long-term solution to the nation's ongoing insecurity issues because not doing so would put both the lives of the populace and the country's economy at risk.

The cleric brought up a punch report from June 29, 2023, which stated that 128 farmers had died in 2023 between the months of January and June.

The well-known prophet also cited an intelligence report by SB Morgan, titled "The Economics of Nigeria's Kidnap Industry," which was published on August 23, 2023. The report stated that 3,620 people had been kidnapped in 582 incidents related to kidnapping, with a reported ransom demand of at least N5B and actual ransom payments of N302 million.

He emphasised once more that we don't need a prophet to realise that the rate at which farmers are abducted from their farms has made them fearful to visit farms.

The issue is, who will be producing food for us all when farmers are afraid of farming because of kidnappers? " boost productivity and support a thriving economy,he stated.

 Prophet Ologbonyo also asked state and local governments to work with the federal government to address insecurity in order to protect everyone's property and lives.

The cleric then tasked the government with broadening the economy and creating new revenue streams, such as tourism. 

He mentioned Erin Ijesha's Olumirin Waterfall as an example of a possible source of revenue that begs to be thoroughly investigated.

"The waterfall is among the top tourist destinations in the nation, but once more, apprehension about visiting this natural wonder arises from past reports of kidnappings in the region. Numerous other tourist destinations across the nation are also affected by this similar insecurity problem. He came to the conclusion that the government ought to increase revenue creation from these kinds of sources and lessen the country's excessive reliance on crude oil," he stated. 

In the meantime, during a prayer session with the Man of God, the King of Erin Ijesha, HRM Oba Isaac Adeyeba Ayeni, the Akinla of Erin Ijesha Kingdom, invited the sons and daughters of Erin Ijesha to come and lend some support as many efforts have been made in that regard.

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