CAC President urges Christians to model Christ

CAC President, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele 

By Pastor Ade Alawode

Christians have been urged to strive hard to be ideal followers of Christ in their day to day activities, as this is all Jesus Christ expects from them.

Speaking during a sermon delivered at the Christ Apostolic Church General Headquarters, Lagos Island, on the second Sunday of the year, the President of the Church, Pastor Samuel Olusegun Oladele said once a person becomes a Christian, he or she has lost his former ungodly characters, ethnic stereotypes and natural idiosyncrasies and become a Christian.

According to Pastor Oladele, while delivering a sermon titled: THE MODEL CHURCH, it is not the size, fame, tribal or ethnic label or status of Church members that determine a model church, but Christ-likeness.

"The Church of God should be a melting pot where all members, in spite of their ethnic backgrounds, their social backgrounds, their race or creed, are melted into one."

He said the model church of Christ is the one in which Christ is dwelling, where Christ is leading and His teachings are applied by all.

Going to the Greek root-word where the word translated into "church" comes from, Pastor Oladele said "the Church is an assembly of people called out of the world, called out of their sins and customs of the world".

"There is no Ibadan church, Ekiti Church or any other town's Church. But the Church of Christ."

He said this ideal is what we found in the lives of CAC founding fathers, whom, he said, God did spiritual surgical operation upon. 

"God lacerated them and took out all the grains of worldliness from them to make them model members of the Church of Christ"

"He took out the characteristics cunning stereotypes known with Ibadan, the stubbornness of Ekiti and the merry-making worldliness of Ijebu" from them.

He said Christ the owner of His Church is coming for His Church, but this time with vengeance. Only the churches that are the model of his nature and his teachings will be qualified to go with him.

He therefore urged Christians to shun sin, worldliness and all forms of unrighteousness to be qualified to go with the soon-coming Christ. 

In his welcome address the CAC AKINYELE Regional Superintendent, Pastor Adeyemo Adedayo and the Lagos DCC Superintendent who is the host, welcomed the President and his entourage. He said the Region is in alliance with the central theme of the Church for the year.

Explaining that spiritual powers are by the Holy Spirit to do exploits.

Spiritual gifts are special ability to do things in extra ordinary manner. 

Ability to bring about good things and ability to encourage, strengthen and uphold what is right

He urged people to use their spiritual gifts to help others.

Traditionally, the CAC President, at the dawn of every new year, usually worships at the General Headquarters of the Church at Olowu Street, Ebute Elefun in Lagos Island, on the second Sunday of the year.

In the entourage of the President are Pastor Ade Alawode, the CAC Director of Publicity, Pastor T. D. Asokeji, the Special Assistant to the President, and the Media crew.

Other ministers at the service are Pastor S. Adedayo, the host and the Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region, Pastor E.O.O. Oyedeji, the Regional Secretary and Shomolu DCC Superintendent, all District superintendents in Lagos DCC, the Chairman of CAC Savings Scheme, Pastor Ayo Dakobiri and a host of other dignitaries.

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