Possessing 2024: Pastor Femi Kings raises need for many to change relationships, says someone somewhere has what you are looking for


Pastor Titilayo Femi Kings

By Boluwatife Oparinde 

Minister-in-charge, Christ Apostolic Church Kingsrealm Global (in Nigeria and United Kingdom), Pastor Titilayo Femi Kings, has said that for many people to possess the year 2024, there is need for them to change their relationships and associations.

Expositing Ecclesiastes 11:3 yesterday, during the ongoing online CAC News programme tagged "Possessing 2024", Pastor Kings explained that one's cloud must be full before an expectation of rain, saying that anyone who has not filled his cloud in 2023, should not expect an unusual miracle in the year 2024.

Emphasizing on the need to change relationships in the coming year, the United Kingdom-based cleric, charged the online audience to be intentional about changing relationships being one of the major clouds to fill in order to experience a great year. 

"If you have the same associates, friends and relationships from ten years ago till now, and you are on the mountain praying, you are wasting your time," he said.

Pastor Kings who explained that a cup may be filled but not full, stressed the need to gather oneself around good relationships to get to the right destination and possess the new year.

According to him, "you need people and relationships. There's nothing you want to possess that is not first in the hands of somebody. There's somebody on planet earth who has what you are looking for. There's somebody on planet earth who has the map of where you are going."

On the need to utilize the relationships around, the clergyman noted that the "questions you don't ask, you cannot have answers to," adding there's a need to break any threshold of the past to navigate freely on one's journey to purpose fulfilment.

Pastor Kings also inferred from Psalms 90:12 on the need to not only number days but apply wisdom, adding that, "if there's a where you are going to, there must be a going with. You must know where you are coming from, and what you are going to do."

Possessing 2024 continues with another impactful session by 8pm today. You can watch on Facebook @cacnewslive

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