CAC Badagry DCC celebrates annual Wilberforce Day, Anniversary

As her custom is every year, the Christ Apostolic Church Badagry DCC has celebrated this year's Annual Wilberforce Day and Anniversary.

Wilberforce Day is celebrated in memory of Late PA Wilberforce Godonu, whom the Lord used in bringing Christ Apostolic Church to Badagry land amidst the then practice of idolatry and witchcraft. Late PA Wilberforce was not an Elder, Evangelist neither was he a Pastor but was used vividly by God in bringing Christianity to the poople of Badagry through Evangelism.

The program was commemorated by the children of Late PA Wilberforce Godonu and the sermon for the day was delivered by the Superintendent, CAC Agbara DCC, Pastor Joseph Folorunsho Omolola, tagged 'NOW THAT YOU’RE A BELIEVER' from the text, MARK 16:17.

The cleric said "something great happened years back which brought everyone of us together, it can be called any name but history has it and the story was written centred on one person in person of Late PA Wilberforce. History did not tell us that he was an Elder, a renown Evangelist or a Pastor but was vividly committed to the work of God."

"What late PA Wilberforce did is what every child of God must do. However, the history is being mentioned afresh to our hearing. 'Now that you are a believer'. This sentence is yet to be completed which is left to us to complete it ourselves," he stated.

He went further by giving insights on how to complete the clause by saying "Now that we are a believer what are we doing for GOD? What position have we fixed ourselves into? What are we doing with and for Jesus?" urging th congregation to answer the questions individually.

"Christianity is not a religion rather, it is a way of life. Christianity opens the eyes of the blind and make them see clearly, that is, if we are carrying the tag of a Christian and our eyes are yet to be opened then we are not Christians. Christianity brings us from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His dear Son which is light. Every child of God is a second-hand individual because we are coming from one kingdom into the Kingdom of Christ through our Lord Jesus Christ," said Pastor Omolola.

According to the Superintendent, "Today we have a lot of people in the church of God picturing themselves as believers who are yet to have encounter with God. Such individuals now fight for positions in the house of God. If truly we are children of God, Christianity will open our eyes to begin to think right, make right decisions, walk right and live a correct life. We will become a sign carrier if we are believers of Christ as written in the Bible, these signs shall go with those who believe...[Mark:16:17a]"

Speaking on the late icon being celebrated, the clergyman noted that "Late PA Wilberforce accepted Jesus as his Lord and personal savior at CAC Agege, Lagos. He came back to badagry, his home town among his own people after some few months. He stayed at Badagry for a while and left a sign. Now that we are believers, what kind of signs are we showcasing to be left in this world someday?"

He cited a biblical example of Philip who gave his life to Christ and was appointed as a deacon and presented himself well to others, singlehandedly went to a town with many calamities but on leaving the town, there was much joy in the town because he carried a good sign there.

"It is not possible for us to be a true believer and we will not be urged to preach the gospel. There is no way we will see people going into the destruction we were delivered from and won’t preach to them" he said.

He concluded the sermon by urging the congregation to take the gospel to villages and preach without the fear of witches and wizards.

The children of Late PA Wilberforce Godonu donated palliatives to six widows in the church to commemorate the Day as presented by CAC Badagry DCC Superintendent, Pastor E. A. Babalola who in turn prayed for the children.

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