Secure your future through sound doctrine, Pastor Olorunpomi charges youth at International Youth Conference, Ikeji II Conference center


Pastor E. Olu Olorunpomi 

By Rachael Oke 

The Coordinator, Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF), Akinyele Region, Pastor E. Olu Olorunpomi has stressed the need for youths to secure their future through sound doctrine.

Speaking during the first lecture at the International Youth Conference, Ikeji II conference centre yesterday on the topic "Secure your future through Sound Doctrine", Pastor Olorunpomi stated that just as God is interested in a man's future, the devil is also interested, hence the reason for which the future has to be secured through sound doctrine.

Identifying the past, the present and the potential (future) as the three phases of a man's life, Pastor Olorunpomi stated that it is the responsibility of a man to discover and develop the future which has already been designed for him by Heaven.

"Heaven has designed your future, you are to discover and develop it. Heaven designs, human discovers and develops, hell destroys," the cleric said.

He explained further that the future can be immediate, intermediate, and ultimate, adding that all the three identified can only be secured through the word of God and sound doctrine.

Pastor Olorunpomi also identified learning, studying, meditation, memorizing, loving, living, and sharing of God's word as the right attitudes to doctrine. 

Outlining ignorance, prosperity of the ungodly, ungodly association, ungodly civilization, inadequate godly leadership, and ungodly companion as the hindrances to living by sound doctrines, the cleric listed Joseph, Ruth and Daniel as biblical case studies of youths who secured their future through sound doctrine.

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