Pastor Olanrewaju speaks on sound doctrine as catalyst for excellent performance, challenges youths to be influence in their fields


Pastor Dr. Peter Olanrewaju

By Boluwatife Oparinde 

The Pastor-in-charge, Christ Apostolic Church House of Prayer, Tose, Ibadan, Pastor Dr. Peter Olanrewaju has stressed the need for youths to influence every sphere of life with excellence while emphasizing on sound doctrine as a catalyst for excellent performance.

"Today, we want to look at sound doctrine as a means to build your own life. If a life is built upon the truth which is the revelation of the Father, that positions a man to receive a backing from God. God will always be the one to defend whatsoever that is built on the truth," he said.

Pastor Olanrewaju, who is also the Secretary, Academic Summit Committee and CAC Research and Development, gave these words on Thursday, 3rd August, 2023 at the ongoing Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF) International Conference, Odo Owa conference center.

Speaking on the topic "Sound Doctrine: Catalyst for Excellent Performance in all Spheres of Life", the cleric made allusions to the call of Jesus' disciples who their Master assured would make them fishers of men, declaring that "everyone you see on earth is a product of a making. The scriptures, referred to as sound doctrine is the tool of God to make a man. Sound doctrine is the curriculum of God to make a man of God."

Expositing 2 Timothy 3:16-17, the clergyman told the youths that the reason God will give all scriptures, all doctrine is that the man of God will be thoroughly "trained, prepared, qualified, equipped, furnished and shaped into complete, proficient, perfect, and fully mature children of God, for all good works in various spheres of life," adding that, "this text makes it clear that the holy scripture has the capacity to make you wise."

Defining doctrine as a system, he furthered that, "you cannot be a Christian that can perform excellently anywhere in the world without sound doctrine. Your belief forms who you are. You are a product of your belief. Your future is a product of your belief. When you give yourself to sound doctrine, it will produce the kind of God on earth."

On how sound doctrine impacts and transforms different areas of life, the full time missionary with Foundation for Students Mission (FSM) expressed that, sound doctrine shapes a person's character and values, helping them to become people of integrity, love and humility.

While enumerating biblical principles of excellent performance in all areas of life to include diligence, integrity, wisdom, perseverance, continuous learning and service, Dr. Olanrewaju charged the youths to be persons of integrity, persevere without giving up on themselves, and to serve at any level.

He also practically noted seven spheres of influence as government, education, media, family, science and technology, economy and business, and religion, stating that "your family must be an influence, a correct Christian home. As a father, you must learn to receive from God as a priest of the home. As a mother, you must learn to serve as a helper in synonym with the Holy Spirit."

Speaking on the media and business, the clergyman noted, "if the media has influenced us so much, we should begin to watch what you hear and how you hear. The media also has entertainment and music in it which are means of worship to God. If you allow the word of God influence you, it will influence your composition of songs. Do your business as someone who has been trained in the word of God. Don't go into business to cheat them."

"God wants you to be an influence wherever you are, you don't necessarily have to be the head," Pastor Olanrewaju concluded.

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