Be patient with President Tinubu, current challenges won’t last, CAC General Evangelist Hezekiah tells Nigerians


CAC General Evangelist, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji 

The General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji, has urged Nigerians to be patient with President Bola Tinubu saying the current challenges in the country will not endure for a long time, urging them to support the reformation journey embarked upon by the Bola Tinubu- led government.

The man of God also counselled Nigerian youths, technologists, technicians and other professionals to take advantage of the present situation by deploying their innovative ideas to improvise and solve the nation’s energy crises.

Prophet Hezekiah made the remarks after a Thanksgiving service to mark the conclusion of the week-long 21st edition of the annual Power Explosion programme of CAC Canaan Land Mountain of Mercy, Erio 2023 with the theme”How Sweet The Name of Jesus”.

The cleric said, “All Nigerians must be positive in their dispositions to the ongoing reform with the thinking that all will be well. If there must be reworking and transformation, some areas will definitely be affected. For instance, during urban renewal, there are people who will lose their buildings and other structures for good roads to be constructed and give way to the development of our cities. So anything can happen at this time as this new administration is making an effort to fix the country.

“Let us be patient. It won’t be long and all these issues of subsidy removal and others will not last forever, things will soon come to normal. We learn and become smarter through challenges and confrontations. Very soon Nigerians and all our youths will be wiser. Go and write it down this fuel subsidy removal thing will bring joy to the Nigerian youths in the long run.

“Our youths should go and think, the mechanics, engineers and others should think about how they can develop themselves and their skills on how to create other energy sources from oil to gas and vice versa. So we should not allow the challenges occasioned by the fuel subsidy removal to weigh us down and take away our senses of reasoning but should rather spur us to innovate. Let it ginger and empower us to progress and move forward as a nation.”

Speaking on the successful completion of the programme and what God did in the course of the programme and what He promised to do, the Prophet said, “We thank God for the successful completion of Erio Power Explosion 2023. We have called on the God of the host, surely He will prove Himself mighty as sweetness and in this country, we shall experience sweetness. Jesus will also manifest this in the government of Ekiti and in Nigeria as a whole by God’s power.

“God manifested Himself in a new dimension and a wonderful way in this year’s revival. We have the belief that the God of this church will not but fulfil all He had said and promised concerning CAC and this he has performed. The sample of what is happening now is that the restoration of those things that have been lost in the time of our fathers is being returned and brought back now.

“The reason being that the fallen altars are being rebuilt through his messengers and ministers is given an indication that God Himself is turning a new and positive leaf to His church, particularly the church members that are been broken down should be grounded as disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Noting that the annual programme has become popular all over the world, Prophet Hezekiah appealed to the Ekiti State government to assist in the construction of the road leading to the prayer mountain.

“We are begging the Ekiti State government, may God give them the power to assist us in the construction of the road leading to this prayer mountain. The road from the highway to the Erio prayer mountain is not up to three kilometres, they should help us and I know God will prove Himself mighty.”

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