Three things you must give your wife as husband, Pastor Odejobi explains at 2023 CACMA Conference

CAC General Superintendent, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The General Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi has highlighted three things every husband must give to his wife. 

According to him, every husband must give something to the mouth of his wife (food), something to her hand (money) and something to the below (sexual intercourse), adding that all the three are important for a fulfilling home or marriage and none of them should be excluded. He identified fervent prayers as solution in a situation when someone has done the three and not having peaceful home.

Apart from the above giving, the General Superintendent also implored husbands to always forgive and imbibe perseverance in order to have a peaceful marriage.

Pastor Odejobi stated this on Thursday June 15, 2023 while ministering on the topic "The Man and His Family" (text: 1 Peter 3:7 & 1 Tim 3:12) at the 2023 National Conference of CAC Men's Association holding in Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State.

Laying emphasis on the importance of perseverance in marriage, the Clergyman said endurance has limitation in marriage, but perseverance is of no limitation and without having the spirit of perseverance, one can't have a peaceful home.

On the need for the husband to be knowledgeable in marriage, Pastor Odejobi noted that "if you're not knowledgeable, your wife will turn to 'satan' overnight, you don't need to look for any satan. She can kill you physically or spiritually. You must always endeavour never to provoke your wife. Deal with her with knowledge. Don't report her bad doings to your parents. Settle your issues between each other"

The General Superintendent said there are two types of a family man, which are adamic family man and regenerated family man. 

Explaining the Adamic family man, the Cleric said "he's a man with Adamic nature which God expects everyone to put off. Adamic family man has no relationship with God having been driven out from the Garden of Eden. It's Adamic family man that will have concubines. There is no peace for any man who has concubines and he can't have a home or family again. He will continue to manage it before it will eventually damage."

Pastor Odejobi recalled that the late Baba Oyeyemi said 'no man can have four wives in the real sense as God designed it, it is one wife and three concubines. Any other woman or women a man marries after the first wife can't be regarded as wife or wives, but concubine/concubines.'

Explaining the regenerated family man, Pastor Odejobi said: "he is man filled with godliness. He has no problem with godliness in all matters, even in family matters and without doubt it is this kind of man that will make heaven."

He stated that problems in church start from homes, anyone who failed at home has failed in church and in heaven. 

"We must not fail in our home because homeless man is hopeless man. There is nothing like church in heaven, it's home. If you fail at home you have failed woefully. Anyone of us shouldn't take the matter of home with levity. As you take the issue of church and your work very important, take your home more important," he stressed.

Jesus Christ, according to Pastor Odejobi, as the husband of the Church expects every husband to imitate Him when it comes to marriage not to irritate Him. Husbands should take their homes the way Jesus takes His church.


  1. May God continue to help us to fulfill our responsibilities as a man in home.
    More grace and strength daddy .

  2. Question: If a Man is justified in give his wife food and money but his wife has been complaining that her body is not move to sex. Can he be praying to God to kill the urge for sex in him because of his wife complain or what can he do?

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