Blissful Singles and Married Summit holds in Lagos this Month

Bless Family Bond Ministry International is set to hold Blissful Singles and Married Summit in Lagos on Sunday June 11, 2023.

"Pathway to Greatness in Marriage" is the theme of the programme which holds at Sweet Hill Event Centre, 183, Ijesha Road, by Ogunlana Bus Stop, Surulere, Lagos.

The Convener of the programme, Deacon Sola Olatunji told CAC News that the purpose of the programme is to help people going into marriage or already in it get the best out of their marital relationships as intended by God. 

Speaking on the theme of the programme, Deacon Olatunji who is a member of Christ Apostolic Church Oke Isegun, Àgùdà District Headquarters, Surulere, Lagos said the programme was designed to enlighten the yet to marry on the purpose of God for marriage and how to get it right starting from them becoming the right person before looking for life partners, the need to build their marital foundation on the right choice and the necessity of allowing the True Shepherd lead them into it, if getting to the place of "still water" (place of peace and rest) in marriage is their desires.

He added that;"for couples, theirs is to be abreast of the fact that while having a good foundation is fine, it does not end there. There is need to purposefully, prayerfully, responsibly and sensibly build enduring structure on the foundation. They must also be committed to maintaining their homes/marriages with appropriate ingredients mix, for the journey to end well and glorify God."  

According to him, the mandate given by God to Blissful Family Bond Ministry International is to build blissful families through the right application of God’s principles for marriage.

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