Late Deaconess Sabainah Oke, mother of CAC Assistant Director of Youth Affairs laid to rest

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The remains of late Deaconess Sabainah Foluke Oke, the mother of Assistant Director of Youth Affairs, Christ Apostolic Church, Pastor S.O. Oke has been laid to rest. 

Late Deaconess Oke was laid to rest on Friday April 28, 2023 at her residence in Ede, Osun State. 

Before she was laid to rest, Commendation Service was held on Wednesday April 26, 2023 at CAC Talafia, Ede, Osun State. Also, Christian Wake Service was held on Thursday April 27 at CAC Faith Home, Ede, Osun State with notable personalities in attendance such as the retired Regional Superintendent of Hanson Region, Pastor S.I. Ogbomode, Wife of CAC General Evangelist, Mrs. Esther Oladeji, Director of Youth Affairs, CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro, the Matron, CAC Faith Home Maternities, Evang. (Mrs.) Lola Awoyungbo, Apostle & Prophetess Ilesanmi Ezekiel, Camp of Redeemer's Gbo Adura Ministry, Benin City, Apostle(Dr ) Emmanuel lgiehon, President, Banners of Solution, Christian Assembly, Benin City, Coordinator of CACTS, Women Campus, Ede, Prophetess E.O. Kariola,Pastor & Evangelist (Mrs.) J.A. Adeleke, Pastor J.A.Adeleke, retired, former  Personal Assistant to Late President of the mission, Pastor E.H.L. Olusheye, Staff, Students and Choirs of Midwives Training, Faith Home Ede and many others. 

In his tribute to his mother, the Assistant Director of Youth Affairs, Pastor Oke said her mother was a distinct woman of God and an incomparable vessel of the Kingdom.

He further said: "the incident of your death, around one o'clock in the morning on Monday, February 27, 2023, was never a sudden, sorry, or mystery to me but a relocation from the sinful world to the world of the saints

"Your departure came as proof and truth to many messages received from several servants of God about your going. This led to the prayer we offered on your behalf on Sunday, February 26, 2023, around 10:35 pm and 11:00 p.m that God's will should prevail and that you should never suffer at the hands of death before resting. Two hours later, as the word of the Lord goes, He took you, the righteous, before the days of evil.

"Though my early life with you was very sour, especially in my secondary school days, your psychological study of my personality later showed your understanding of me as your unique son. You are a woman of Christian virtues. All the virtues you taught us are still practicable and relevant to us. These include family altar, Hymn singing. fasting and prayers, tithes, offerings, loyalty, faithfulness, discipline, competence, and quality service. Your little education gave you reasoning faculties that supersede University professors'. You always stood for truth.

"The gift of giving was your DNA, and it was second to none. This made our house a center for several families - as many that came across us. You never discriminated against any tribe or identity. Your benevolence made us know most ministers of God that worked in Ede, both male and female, from the onset till now. The assistance you rendered went a long way. It was extraordinary, and it cut across all tribes of the world - the motive and method of your giving paved the way for me in life, family, and ministry, and it is always a payback season. Imagine your last visit to Benin City: you did not go with all the blessings (cash and gifts) given to you, all dropped as a sacrifice for the project going on by then. When I asked why, you said you were preparing for your home. All your children and great-grandchildren benefitted from your giving.

"You came, saw and conquered, stood for the truth, and was bold to face any battle that came your way. I will surely miss your midnight and the first day of the month's prayer, and counsel

"I promise to follow and maintain all the legacies you taught me. I thought you would be alive to witness the completion of my PhD. on March 31 2023. I never knew you would go before its completion, very painful to me because it was one of your prayer points and desire. I know you have seen your bosom friend, lya Elkanah."

The first son of the late Deaconess Oke who is an Auditor at CAC General Secretariat, Ibadan in his tribute said: "Baba Tosin, that's what you do call me se ilede leyin re lya mi tooto Abiyamo tooto, Olufe oko idile ati gbogbo eniyan Aladura. Olufunni. Onimoran rere. Ofi tire sile gbo telomiran The vacuum you left no one can fill it except God. Mother like no other. Till we meet at Jesus' feet on resurrection day to part no more lya Bose lya Biódún, lyá Simoni. Sun re oo Ojo a ku la a d'ere, eniyan ko sunwon laaye."

The interment and outing service had in attendance notable personalities such as DCC Superintendent of Oke-Osun DCC, Prophet E.O. Alalade, retired Superintendent of Ogida & Ede DCC, Benin City, Pastor S.O. Adebayo, retired DCC Superintendent of Ede DCC, Pastor Aniyikaye, Zonal Superintendent of Strong Tower Zone, Ibadan, Pastor J.O. Oluwaniyi, Manager of Ikeji-Arakeji Camp, Pastor S.A. Adesoji, Regional Youth Coordinator of Essien Region, Pastor Remi Adeyemi, Coordinator, CACYOF Kwara State, Pastor Ogunleye, Chaplain of JABU Chapel, Pastor J.O. Oluwasanmi and many others.

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