If you can't be submissive to your husbands, you can't be submissive to Jesus Christ, Pastor Odejobi tells Ministers' Wives

Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The General Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Emmanuel O. Odejobi has admonised ministers wives to be submissive to their husbands, saying if they can't be submissive to their their husbands, they can't be submissive to Jesus Christ.

He implored ministers wives not to look at the weaknesses of their husbands, but cover their weaknesses, not exposing it.

Pastor Odejobi stated this while ministering at CAC Ministers' Wives Golden Jubilee Celebration on Wednesday at CAC Babalola Memorial Miracle Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun state.

Speaking on the theme of the conference which is "The woman of Purpose," the General Superintendent said it is a Christian woman who is a virtuous Woman, Holy Spirit-filled Woman and scriptural/ prayerful woman.

"There were uncountable women of noble characters in the bible, who has the character of God in their lives, discovered their purpose and fulfilled it. But Zipporah from my own point of view stood out among the best. Why? She was devoted to her husband and children which is her first and foremost ministry in that she saved both from untimely death intended by God who called her husband into the ministry. She was indeed a help-meet  (Exodus 4:24). I consider this to be a land mark achievement which aligned with one of my common sayings that 'to pass at home is to pass in the church to fail at home is to fail in the church.' God doesn't ask a difficult thing from His woman, He only asked her to focus on essential things that help her fulfil His grand purpose - The essential things expected of her is to study his weakness to understand, tolerate his weakness, pray for his perfection, forgive and forgo his transgressions and surrender totally to him both self and substance," says Pastor Odejobi.

The General Superintendent further urged ministers wives that;"while fulfilling all your vital purposes in your home, church commitment, charitable work and in the world, you must always remember that your first place is in God, don't neglect your relationship with God and don't forget to develop His character in your inner being as you go about your extremely busy life. Remember you are saved or set- free to serve (fulfil His purpose not your purpose)."

The Clergyman admonised ministers' wives not to stress themselves about fulfilling purpose, saying that they should let God equips them as they allow His word to be a lamp to their feet and light to their path (Psalm 109:105). 

"While you are doing what God has called and gifted you to do, be godly in your behaviour, be fruitful and kind in your speech (Pro.31:10-13), be discipline and self-controlled, be devoted to your family Be discreet and wise in your action, be chaste and pure inside out, be kind and good to all, be an encourager of good things and above all learn submissively under your husband (1st Tim. 2:11)," the General Superintendent advised. 

He added that the only essential tool for this enormous task is Holy Ghost power (Acts 1:8) through the living word of God and prayer.

Conclusively he said;" your purpose is a broad based responsibility as written in the bible. The book of Proverbs 31 made a wide range syllabus to be covered but in all, our emphasis is that your purpose will make a great impact and bring total transformation leading to the end time revival promised by God for our great mission. As a woman listening here today, you are already evidencing purpose, therefore, 'do all things without murmuring and disputing that ye may be blameless, harmless, the children of God without rebuke in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom yeshine as light in the world' Phil.2:14-15."

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