CAC Authority inducts Pastor Oluwatugbo as 5th Zonal Superintendent, Alaba Oro Zone

Akinyele Regional Superintendent, Pastor S.A. Adedayo administering the induction rite on Alaba Oro Zonal Superintendent, Pastor N.O. Oluwatugbo

By Shadrach Serah

The Authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas have on Sunday, 30th April, 2023 inducted Pastor Noah Oladele Oluwatugbo as the 5th Zonal Superintendent of Oke Imole, Alaba Oro Zone at the Church Auditorium.

The induction rites was conducted by Akinyele Regional Superintendent, Pastor S. A. Adedayo.

While giving the Welcome Address, the Zonal Secretary, Elder J. T. Olagoke, gave all the glory and honour to God for making the day a reality.

He also appreciated the Authority of the Church for giving him the privilege to serve as the Zonal Secretary and other capacities in the past years, welcoming everyone to the occasion.

In his message after performing the induction and handing over the new Zonal Superintendent to the executives of the church, the Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region, Pastor Adedayo charged the clergyman and the congregation on what he titled "Feed the Sheep of God."

He continued by saying failure to feed the physical body will tell on the body, likewise in the Spirit realm, adding the need to feed our souls with the undiluted word of God daily.

According to him, the sheep of God are men and women who have confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, come together to serve and worship God through Jesus Christ, and are the called out ones.

He also referenced that the result of Apostle Paul knowledge made him express in one his epistles that God loves the church so much that he gave His life for the church (Ephesians 5:25).

He further attested that if Jesus Christ did not die, He would not have been the Lord over our lives, furthering that, it is expected of the clergyman to engage himself in the right preaching of the word, and also in the administration of the sacrament.

He expressed how pastors can feed the sheep of God, stating that "pastors must teach the church of God what they need to know and that true preaching pierce through the heart. Pastors feed the sheep of God by evangelism, be it personal, mass or indoor evangelism. By visitation and lastly by rebuking (2 Timothy 4: 1-2)."

He concluded with John C. Maxwell' quote that, "as a good Shepherd, you must minister to the members. Be a mentor of the people. Be a manager to the people and at the same time be a model for the people" after which he prayed for the Zonal Superintendent that God will help him through the journey.

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