God only accepts praises of those who are born again, says Pastor Mapur at National Praise programme

Pastor Emmanuel E. Mapur

By 'Gbenga Bankole 

The General Secretary of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Emmanuel E. Mapur has said God can only accept the praises of those who have given lives to Jesus Christ.

He noted that it's when we are born again that our worship and praise can be accepted by Him, we must be new creation, old things must pass away for our praises to be acceptable. 

Pastor Mapur stated this last Friday while ministering on the topic "God deserves the Praise" (Text: Psalm 149) at the National Praise programme, Ikeji-Arakeji edition. 

He said praising the Lord means lifting your whole self to Him, recognizing that He alone is worthy of our full worship and adoration.

He added that "praising God implies dedicating ourselves to God, reverencing Him as the one who deserves all the glory. The mighty acts of God can't be fully explained by man. He deserves our praise and that is why we are using different musical instruments to praise Him."

On why we need to praise God, Pastor Mapur said: "He lifted us up above the enemy. God is not always happy with the enemy conquering His children. We need to praise Him because when we pray He answers and heals us. The medical practitioners only care, it is God who heals. We need to praise Him because He's holy and pure."

Pastor Mapur concluded that we are created to praise and worship Him.

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