Don't limit ministry to cities, villagers also need gospel, Evang. Agbabiaka charges ministers


Evang. Steve Agbabiaka 

By 'Gbenga Bankole 

In accordance to the command of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in the book of Mark chapter 16 verse 15 where He says "...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature..."  the founding minister of Christ Apostolic Church, Victory Chapel, Kempton Park, South Africa, Evang. Steve Agbabiaka has urged ministers of God to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to rural areas.

He stated that there are some people in the villages who need to hear the gospel of Christ, telling ministers not to stay only in the city, but go into rural areas and tell every nation that Jesus is Lord, adding that ministers should not be money-driven and not preach because of the offering that will be given after service.

Evang. Agbabiaka stated this in a post on his verified Facebook page titled "3 Flights" where he shared one of his experiences on mission field as a missionary.

He said; "This is one of my experience on the field. One day I received a call from a foreign number. The person introduce himself as Bishop....... from Western Kenya, he said 'I heard of your program and I will like you to have crusade in our area', after some prayers I had peace in my mind so I gave them date."

"On that blessed evening, I took my flight in Johannesburg, when I arrived in Nairobi Kenya I called the Bishop and he said his place is far a bit by the time he told me the kilometers he said I should take another flight in which I did. The Bishop met me at the second airport, and I thought I had arrived but the man told me we needed to fly another transport. We took another bus for six hours," he continued.

"I was so tired. If you have ever been in Kenya, you will understand this type of bus. When we arrived after six hours, some members were waiting to receive me. I was trying to look round to see if I could get a hotel. I had one bag, one hand luggage, two boxes of Bible. Suddenly I received a shocking news that I needed to fly another transport to my destination. This time, it was motorcycle. I had to agree because I couldn't go back any more. I packed all my luggages as we transported on the bike for another two hours on a narrow bushy road. The local churches were waiting for me. I had to minister that night. I asked for their toilet, I looked up but I can't tell you what came to my mind when they showed me. But God ministered to my heart and said 'Steve the harvest is ripe and the time is now'. I could not use the toilet but used the bush," the cleric said.

The cleric also noted that through that particular missionary journey, he sponsored his own transportation, took no honorarium, couldn't relate his experience with friends and family but had utmost joy as he was welcomed as a king to the community, witnessed many new converts and receptiveness of the community members at the programme.

"There are some people in the villages who need to hear the gospel of Christ. Don't stay only in the city. Go interior, tell every nation that Jesus is Lord. Don't preach because of the offering will be given after service. God will surely pay you. If He is the One who called you and sent you, He will finance you," he concluded.

Below are pictures from his missionary journey to the village:

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