Discipleship:The Purpose, Process and Practices of Discipling by Pastor S.O. Aluko

Regional Superintendent, CAC Pearce Region, Pastor S.O. Aluko


Text: 1 Cor. 9:1ff, 1 Cor. 11:1-2, 2 Tim 2:1-2.



Most of what we enjoy today started from the state of being raw materials. No one emerges as a champion overnight. No organization exists and continues to be relevant without a carefully planned leadership structure. God’s business, the Church, (Luke 2:49; Acts 6:3) should be the best run setting, guided by deliberate and passionate plans and programmes to facilitate the growth of a Christian follower/disciple. Is this so in your ‘local assembly? May we be stimulated to see what GOD expects from us.



A disciple is a follower, a pupil. This immediately implies that there is a teacher, a master.Discipleship talks about clearly mapped out plans, strategies, and process and programs aimed at making new converts, babes in the Lord to become matured.



Babes are ill-equipped for strong matters (1 Cor. 3:1)

Babes are not ready for tough assignment/teaching (Heb 5:11-14)

Babes should not be leaders, lacking in experience and skills (Isaiah 3:4)

Babes in faith should make deliberate effort to grow (1 Peter 2:2)

Jesus our Lord and Saviour exemplified the need for discipleship; he started it in the NT.



He came for a clearly defined purpose (Luke 19:10)

He started with the program as GOD;he carefully selected some of what? PROCESSING[f1] .

He taught (both privately and publicly).

He showed them how to handle real life situations.

He sent them on ‘practicals’ and expected reports. EVALUATION

He classified them: there were inner circles. (He did this as the All-Knowing God,not for selfish or tribal reasons.)

How is it in your place?



He recruited him by revelation/conviction

He convinced him and at least told him why he has been called.

The Caller/Discipler organized the process of treating some matters with the young convert

·         Contact with Jesus Christ (Acts 9:1-11)

·         Experience with Ananias vs 1-19

·         Experience in Damascus vs 19-25

·         Experience with Barnabas vs 26-31

·         Experience with local Assembly

·         Direct Revelation

Each of these stages was used to process him. Where are you coming from?



The Lord Jesus has built his church and the gate of hell cannot prevail over it, come what may. Every converted, processed and enlisted believer (Christian) has the responsibility in the baton discipleship.

I.                   Apostle Paul’s meeting with Timothy(Acts 16:1)

II.                The home advantage was in favour of Timothy.

III.             Processing of Timothy: The home the local Assembly and again I’m contact/connection with apostle Paul_____  in a LOCAL ASSEMBLY.[f2] 

IV.             Further processing continued with Apostle.

·         Removal of cultural embargo

·         Exposure to the scripture

·         Encouragement to be a learner

·         Encouragement not to continue as a baby (1Timothy4:12)

·         Posting with effective supervision

Who is Paul or Timothy?



1.It is GOD that brings believers together.

2.It is for the growth of the person involved/the body of Christ and the glory of God.

3.It is not for (God fatherism) enslavement for selfish reason of the person involved.

4.Corporation with the Holy Spirit, submission and humility are expected on the part of the followers. You cannot know in full where the Lord is taking you to; you can only know today. Faith takes you on.

5.The time of being together is determined by God. Do not be too much in haste; do not be complacent about now.

6.It requires sacrifice, love, joy of the Holy Spirit, availability and teachability.

God’s glory and continuity of the process is the ultimate.




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