Atmosphere of thanksgiving, appreciation as CAC Orekoya Region celebrates 1st Orekoya Day Anniversary

By Boluwatife Oparinde

Christ Apostolic Church, Orekoya Region has on Sunday, 30th October, 2022 celebrated her first anniversary in an atmosphere of thanksgiving and appreciation to God for the witness of the first Orekoya Day.

The Regional Superintendent, Pastor C. S. A. Balogun, while sermonizing on the topic, "Prophet Daniel Orekoya in Life's Journey" on giving an account of the life of the Prophet, welcomed his audience to the first anniversary of the region.

According to Pastor Balogun, "Prophet Daniel Orekoya was physically a short man. He had the look of a 12 year old boy. He also had eye defect as both eyes were not equally balanced as it should but he never complained. He never allowed his defect to affect his work for God."

"On a certain day," he continued, "17th February 1930 to be precise, he (Prophet Orekoya) went to work as usual at the midwifery section of Christ Apostolic Church. On this very day the Spirit of God came upon him. He was singing songs and hymns for hours and dancing round the compound. In the process of this, he eyes were being opened and he saw three hefty looking men and they gave him messages to be delivered."

The Orekoya Regional Superintendent highlighted the messages given the great CAC Prophet as, "they must not quench the fire of the Holy spirit; they must not be stingy but must give to the Lord. They must run from fornication and adultery. They must not allow the use of medicine in their midst as divine healing was greatly manifested. They must not allow bodily outward adornment. This same message was also given to Apostle Babalola. They must avoid the eating of kolanuts for their own health sake."

He emphasized that these messages received by Daniel Orekoya are still relevant till this day and must be strictly adhered to by all members of CAC.

Pastor Balogun went on to share some of the miracles God wrought through the Prophet such as, raising a pregnant woman back to life; describing the event as, "he was in a crusade when the dead body was brought before him. Her body was already stinking and smelling. It also happened that the woman was pregnant before her death, but through the power of God, this dead body was raised back to life and the baby delivered alive, and this baby is still alive till this day and he is currently providing financial help to the church."

"During one of his crusades a man was assigned to record the miracles. When he go to 528 miracles, this gentleman couldn't continue counting before he gave up counting," said Pastor Balogun.

The clergyman noted that, "in this journey, we have distance. We have bus stops. You move from one bus stop to the other. Some might have short distance and some long distance, but the race will be over someday.God alone determines our distance in the journey of life."

Pastor Balogun concluded with lessons learnt in the journey of the life of Prophet Daniel Orekoya worthy of emulating for contemporary christians, "He accepted himself. He remained focused and was committed to God's direction. He emptied himself for Christ. He was courageous and bold. He was filled with the Holy Spirit."

Christ Apostolic Church Orekoya region comprises of five states, Plateau State, Bauchi State, Nasarawa State, Benue State and the newly added Gombe State and were all duly represented at the anniversary.

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