You cannot make impact until you get your identity right – Pastor Aladejare

Pastor Enoch Aladejare

By Amusan Deborah

The Regional Campus Coordinator and Assistant Youth Coordinator of Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF), Akilling Region, Pastor Enoch Aladejare, has said that one cannot make impact unless he gets his identity right.

Pastor Aladejare said this while addressing campus executives and workers on the topic "Immortality of Impact" at “Night of Impact”, a programme organized by CACYOF Lagos state for all her campus executives and workers, held at CAC Victory Chapel, Ketu, Lagos on Friday, October 7, 2022.

Dwelling on the common attitude of those who make impact, he said that one needs to find identity in order to make impact.

He stated that just as John the Baptist was able to identify himself as the voice of the one crying in the wilderness, likewise, young people must be able to identify their place in God’s agenda.

According to him, knowing one’s place in God agenda determines how well the person will function in purpose.

“John the Baptist was able to come out and say I know my place in destiny, I know my place in God’s agenda; he knew his divine identity.” 

You cannot function beyond the clarity of purpose that you have in life; you malfunction when you don’t know your purpose. You cannot function in purpose until you get your identity right," he said.

Citing the example of John the Baptist in John 1:19-23, Pastor Aladejare, earlier in his message had identified instigation, investigation and interest as the three things common to those who make impact.

He explained that the people who went to John the Baptist were instigated to investigate his identity and John’s response showed that he recognized the challenge and knew his place in God’s agenda for his generation. 

“A challenge rose to the people and they said they sent us to you. Who is sending who to you? Are you able to see the challenge? God cannot use you until you are able to see into the spiritual and moral decadence nature of your generation," he explained.

“You cannot correct what you don’t hate; you can only correct what you hate passionately. As a matter of fact, that you hate something is a pointer that it could be your purpose.” 

What you hate is what God has given you power to correct; what you like is what you are created to make happen. So you must find an area of interest," he added.

Also citing Apostle Paul as example, he explained that beyond knowing one’s assignment, one must be able to prove it by fulfilling it adding that one must not allow the deposit of God in his life to descend into the grave with him.

Explaining further he said, “You should be able to say along with Apostle Paul, I have finished the race and kept the faith. He was not sleep talking; he knew precisely what had happened to him.”

“I finished it, meaning that he knew the assignment of God for him. Do you know the assignment God has given to you? No matter what name you call yourself, people will not respect you until you are able to prove that name," he said.

He added that people who make impact have and know their divine identity and as such do not allow people to give them another identity.

“People who make impact have divine identity; they know who God says they are. So when people are trying to give them other names they will not take it.” 

People give you the name they think is good for you, if you cannot tell them who you are," he added.

He then challenged the attendees to settle the issue of identity and go back to their various campuses to make impact for Christ.

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