Pastor Ariyo counsels Christian brothers on being committed to God's eternal blueprint, urges sisters to mind their dressing

Pastor I.T. Ariyo

By Boluwatife Oparinde

The Assistant Regional Coordinator of Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF), Akinyele Region, Pastor I. T. Ariyo has counselled Christian brothers to be committed to God's eternal blueprint, urging sisters to mind the way they dress.

The cleric gave these assertions while speaking to youthful brothers during a Brothers/Sisters workshop held on Friday, 2nd September, 2022 at the just concluded 2022 Ikeji 2 Youth Conference held at Babalola Memorial International Miracle Camp Ground, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State.

According to the Chairman, Planning Committee, Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF) Academic Star Summit, "the eternal blueprint of God is that man would have dominion over everything. A man cannot afford to be a failure because it would have grievous effects. The blueprint of God is an eternal commitment is with man."

Explaining that the woman according to creation story was never given responsibility to be in charge, rather a supportive role, Pastor Ariyo stressed that CAC believes in women ministry but when it comes to commitment of being in charge, Adam was given such responsibility.

He counselled that, man is expected to play the father figure and husands roles, lamenting that "not all men are real fathers and husbands at home."

Stating the effects of man failing the blueprint commission of God, he highlighted that, "it will affect his immediate environment and the world and it will ultimately affect the gospel." 

Lamenting the attitude of men towards church meetings and committment to church attendance, Pastor Ariyo noted that, "you will observe that women appears to be more passionate than men in the Church."

The clergyman who stated that God has "given an eternal commision to men that we cannot afford to fail," expressed that "we need to have more attention for brothers too like that of the ladies who in turn, make up the good women association from the Sisters fellowship.

In respect, the cleric disclosed that the CAC Youth Directorate has commissioned that brothers fellowship should begin.

According to him, there are levels of failure of brotherhood to include, level of rejection of a male child; traditions; men being crippled by sexual temptation and that man must carry all the burden.

On the level of rejection, Pastor Ariyo explained that household committment is many times, concentrated and given more to the female than the male, adding that "that sense of neglection is a foundation of failure in fatherhood."

The cleric expressing that the man God made was not a robot, lamented that, "we live in a generation where we need to ask if we are in the church of God because of the way some of our sisters dress, urging sisters to mind their dressing as "blood is flowing through our (the brothers) veins"

Pastor Ariyo pointed the ways out to help brothers as, modeling; adopting an attitude of cooperativeness, not competitiveness; and fathers should remain attentive to them.

"While mothers have the attention for the ladies, we don't always have attention from our fathers," he said.

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