Happy birthday to Superintendent of Gaa-akanbi DCC, Pastor Ajaiyeoba

Pastor David Ajaiyeoba

Pastor David Ajaiyeoba was born a few decades ago into Oganyin Compound in Oro ago, ifelodun L.G.A of Kwara state, Nigeria. 

He attended Ebenezer Primary school Ashi Asaba Oyan and Nawarudeen Primary School Oyan, Osun State in the year 1979 to 1984. 

He later proceeded to Ogbondoroko Primary School, Kwara State as one Pioneer students. Pastor D.O Ajaiyeoba has been very industrious and hard working from his childhood. From his tender age, he served as an apprentice for three years as a furniture and fridge recoiler before his trainer (master) left for Lokoja, Kogi State, when Kogi state was created out of Kwara State. 

After the migration of his furniture and recoiling master left for Kogi State, he learnt brick laying work in Ganmo, Kwara State for three years. When his trainer (master) wished to release him to be independent, his Mother was searching for the freedom money, that was when the community secondary school Ogbondoroko was established and he enrolled as one of the pioneer students. While in Secondary School, he learnt shoe cobbling and that served as a source of income to sponsor himself in School.

His early life has been the source of his courage, discipline, focus and efficient zeal in Kingdom advancement. Also, while practicing shoe cobbling he received the call of God into ministry in the year 1987 and his Mother took him to a Prophet for tutorage in the year 1987 but in the year 1993, he left and went back to his cobbling business.

After a lot of hardship in the cobbling as a result of his disobedience, he finally registered in tutorage under another person of Prophet Amos Adewuyi at Zango, Ilorin in the year 1995. He was under him before he enrolled at Babajide school of Prophet and Evangelist (BSPE) Ilesha between 1998 and 2000 to obtain certificate in theology.

Pastor Ajaiyeoba, by the leading of Holy Spirit started the ministry fully by planting a church at Obada – ise Ekiti State, named Christ Apostolic Church Ibudo Olorun. He further plant another church named Christ Apostolic Church Oke – Ayo, Aba Onisu, Ise Ekiti. Also through a powerful revival by Pastor D.O Ajaiyeoba a Church, Ifesowapo Aba Oma – Aran, ise Ekiti was renamed to Christ Apostolic Church Ifesowapo Aba Omu – Aran, ise ekiti.

Another Church established by him was, Christ Apostolic Church Aba – ose, emure Ekiti which was as a result of a great revival held by this noble man of God.

In Ondo State, Ikare Akoko to be precised, God helped and led him to establish a church which he named Christ Apostolic Church ibudo Olorun, then the Holy Spirit led him to Ikorodu Lagos State. 

To the grace of God, Pastor Ajaiyeoba obeyed the Voice of God to release all the Church he has established to the C.A.C Authority and agreed to be transferred by the Church Authority. He was firstly transferred to C.A.C Oke Ayo, Ileri Oluwa D.C.C. Ikare Akoko, Ondo State with promotion has District Superintendent. After five years he was transferred to C.A.C Oke Alaafia, Oke Oyi, Kwara State.

The Lord used him tremendously and he served in various capacity as:- 

1. The DCC Revivalist C.A.C Ileri Oluwa DCC,

2. The program Coordinator C.A.C Ileri Oluwa DCC,

3. Good women Coordinator C.A.C Ileri Oluwa DCC,

4. Zonal Revivalist C.A.C Olorunsogo Zone, Ilorin, Kwara State

5. Good women Coordinator C.A.C Olorunsogo Zone, Ilorin.

He is currently serving as:- 

1. CACMA Coordinator Babajide region

2. Chairman CPFN Ilorin South Kwara State

3. A member of C.A.C Evangelistic Team Nigeria and Overseas, under the leadership of Prophet H.O Oladeji, C.A.C General Evangelist Nigeria and Overseas. 

Award Received:-

1. Recognition of commitment towards God’s work and for the role played in Ileri – Oluwa DCC Ikere Akoko, on the 29th April, 2018.

2. Award for selfless service from C.A.C Agbala Ominira, Gaa Akanbi, Ilorin, Kwara State on 7th November, 2021.

3. Award for the support of God’s work, form God’s Promise and Revelation Church Ilorin, Kwara State

4. Award of appreciation from C.A.C Orisun Aanu, Agah Ilorin.

Pastor Ajaiyeoba is a courageous hard working, faithful, bold, sacrificial and a much disciplined man of God that will never tolerate laziness and irresponsibility in God’s work. he is impartial and loves to maintain justice and confidentially. These qualities have contributed to his speedy progress.

The Cleric is married to an humble and faithful woman Mrs. R.B Ajaiyeoba, a marriage blessed with wonderful male and glorious female children.

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