CAC Olushi DCC holds thanksgiving service, dedicates newly built worship centre for English Assembly, Teenagers' church


It was a day of history on Sunday July 24, 2022 as Christ Apostolic Church Olushi Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Lagos held a thanksgiving service for her upgrade by the church authority from Zone to DCC. 

It would be recalled that earlier this year the Church Authority deemed it fit to upgrade Olushi from Zone to DCC having met all the necessary requirements in her obligations to the Church Authority over the years. 

The newly built worship centre of the DCC headquarters English Assembly and Teenagers' Church were also formally dedicated by the Church Authority, represented by the Regional Superintendent of CAC Akinyele Region, Pastor S. A. Adedayo who was accompanied to the programme by his wife, the Regional Secretary of Akinyele Region who is also the Superintendent of Somolu DCC, Pastor E.O. Oyedeji and Superintendent of CAC Ojodu-Abiodun Zone, Pastor A. Akin Oniwinde.

The congregation was overwhelmed with joy as they celebrated the historical feat of the DCC in grand style. 

The DCC Good Women Choir in their ministration appreciated God for the life of their DCC Superintendent, Pastor Olajide whose administration has brought positive turnaround for the DCC, as the DCC Choir of Olushi DCC also performed the song titled "Emi yo yin Oluwa" (I will Praise the Lord).

While ministering on the topic "Zeal for the work of God", the Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region, Pastor Adedayo started by congratulating CAC Olushi for their upgrade from Zone to DCC, noting that this was possible as a result of holy zeal of the DCC Superintendent, Pastor J. B. Olajide, the DCC Council and entire members of the DCC.

According to him, there are different types of zeal and everyone in this world has zeal for one thing or the other. 

"If you look at our society today, you will see people who have zeal to kill people in the name of religion. Some people have zeal for stealing, do evil or destroy things possibly because they want to get to the top. Some people have zeal because of what they want to get. There is nobody without no zeal.  Zeal is what you do with your might and heart because you believe in it. Zeal is the great energy or enthusiasm connected with something you feel something about," he stated. 

Pastor Adedayo who said if someone is doing something wholeheartedly, it is because he or she has passion for it, also explained that zeal is divided into two, which are good and evil zeal. 

While saying evil zeal is to do things that doesn't glorify God, the Clergyman said good zeal is what one is doing according to the directive of God, not because of the gain.  

"It is this kind of zeal that is seen in the life of Pastor Olajide. When he came here, this place was a zone, he never relented but he ensured Olushi becomes DCC. He also ensured the church secured a land beside them which cost them 55 million. Pastor Olajide never relented, he keeps working hard. It is the good zeal for the work of God that has brought the Olushi to the present state," he stressed.

Pastor Adedayo gave examples of few people who had good zeal in the Bible, namely, Moses, King David, Andrew, Philip and Jesus Christ.

He noted that zeal for God's work entails the following; learning how to meet the needs of the church- both physical and spirit; to cooperate with Ministers of God for the progress of the work of God; to evangelise or win souls for the kingdom of Christ; to take care of the widow and the orphans and doing God's work without prejudice. 

Earlier in his goodwill message, the Superintendent of Olushi DCC, Pastor Olajide said; "let me first of all give all glory, honour and adoration unto the Lord for the grace given us to see yet another history making day in the life of CAC Olushi DCC. I also appreciate Him (God) for His wonderful works in our midst both physically and spiritually, particularly upgrading us from Zone to Districts' Coordinating Council, you know, 'no one receives anything unless he is given from above.' I want to also register our sincere appreciation to the Authority of this great mission for answering to our request when we visited them during our 50th anniversary, that is, to upgrade us to DCC status, as our anniversary gift, which they did. Let me welcome my amiable boss and father, the Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region, Pastor Adedayo and his entourage to our DCC, also appreciate his fatherly care and concern all the time."

Pastor Olajide further said that; "to our mother Church (C.A.C General Headquarters, Ebute Elefun, Lagos), we want to appreciate your motherly love and care since you have given birth to us; we know it's a thing of joy for you seeing your children progressing, sincerely we appreciate you for the platform to grow given to us, as we are welcoming you to this occasion, you always have our loyalty."

The Cleric appreciated all the District Superintendents and entire members of the clergy, for their support, cooperation and sincerity of purpose, without which the programme would have been impossible.

The DCC Secretary of Olushi DCC, Elder K.O. Olanipekun said, CAC Olushi was a child birthed by CAC General Headquarters, Olowu almost 52 years ago in which they still have few foundation members till date. 

"We wanted to return all glory to God and say well done to all those God has been using all these years, God will reward you all. This promotion should be seen as a clarion call to a higher duty, as a Districts' Coordinating Council, the tasks are enormous, however, we count on your prayers and supports, I know God of our fathers will help us and we shall stand out in Jesus name," he said. 

A total number of five Elders and 27 Deaconesses of the DCC who were appointed and received laying of hands on Friday, July 22, 2022 were given their certificate at the programme.

The programmme ended with thanksgiving by each District under Olushi DCC.

Photo speaks !

Out view of the building that house the Teenagers Church (Down Floor), English Assembly (First Floor) and official residence of the DCC Superintendent (Second floor)

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