Celebrating fathers goes beyond a one-time celebration, it must be a perpetual attitude, says Pastor Olorunpomi


Pastor E. Olu Olorunpomi

The Regional Coordinator of Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF), Akinyele Region, Pastor E. Olu Olorunpomi has said celebrating fathers goes beyond a one-time celebration, it must be a perpetual attitude.

Pastor Olorunpomi noted that the essence of celebrating Fathers' Day is to appreciate fathers and make them happy, therefore, it goes beyond a one-time celebration in the year, it must be a perpetual attitude.

The Cleric stated this in his Father's Day message with the topic 'A Polished Son makes a Proud Father' taking the text from Proverbs 23:23-25; 10:1; 15:20.

Emphasising on the topic, Pastor Olorunpomi noted that being polished is having a high degree of refinement, milled or processed (husk removed), trimmed, dressed, finished, perfected, made shiny and smooth. 

He further explained aspects of polishing for a believer - spiritual life: using the tools of the Word, prayer and holiness; economic life: productive business and busy-ness; social life: great interpersonal relationships; and moral life: integrity in the secret.

According to him, the advantages of polishing are increased value, better space management and long lasting relevance. 

Applying the message, the Cleric noted that there are biological fathers, spiritual fathers and the Ultimate Father (God). While God remains the Father of every believer, Church is the Mother through whom they are born into God's Kingdom. He also said: to make a glad father and a fulfilled mother, there must be personal walk with God and purposeful work with Him.

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