A Christian who fails to grow is a problem to God, the Church, says Pastor Oladapo at CAC Power & Life Zone Workers' Refresher Course


Christ Apostolic Church, Life and Power Zone, Ikorodu, Lagos, on Monday June 13, 2022 held the 6th edition of her annual Workers' Refresher Course under the theme "All Round Growth."

The programme, held at the Zonal Headquarters in Odo-Nla, Ikorodu had in attendance ministers, their wives and workers in the zone. 

The Zonal Superintendent of CAC Life and Power Zone, Pastor Mich 'Tunji Oladele while delivering the welcome charge on the topic "Growing up Holistically", said just as a child that fails to grow is a problem to the parents, so is a Christian who fails to grow spiritually, a problem to God and to the church. 

Citing Hebrew chapter 6 verse 1, the Cleric said we are commanded to move on to perfection, and so, our discipleship must end up in apostleship (Mark 3: 14); otherwise we belong to the generation of wasters - waster of time, waster of efforts, waster of gifts and talents. 

Explaining the topic of his charge, Pastor Oladapo said; "the term holistic relates to or is concerned with whole or complete systems rather than treatment in parts. It is putting into consideration the whole system, rather than simply its individual components.  When we are talking about holistic, therefore, we are talking about something total and complete, in all aspects and ramifications. In essence, every Christian, church workers in particular, is expected to grow in all areas of life – spiritual, moral, academic, economic, matrimonial, mental, emotional, etc."

He said every Christian must have spritiual growth, moral and development growth, academic growth, matrimonial growth and development, and economic growth.

The Cleric also said many church workers and ministers seem not to appreciate the importance of their call and many workers find it unnecessary to develop themselves in order to meet up with the demands of their call.

He lamented that, "The life style of many workers is not different from what it was at the time when they first believed. Many workers are no longer committed to their assignments but choose to carry out their assignments in their own ways and at their own convenience. Many workers who are being taught are so complacent that they don't aspire to become teachers (Hebrews 5: 11-14). People fail to realize that their discipleship must end up in apostleship (Mark 3: 14). Succession among the ranks and file of the workers is becoming difficult as a result of stunted or no spiritual growth on the part of many so called workers."

"Many workers see their present position as their final bus stop with no inspiration to add value to themselves and advance further. Many so-called workers exhibit evidences of lack of brokenness in their day-to-day behaviour and attitudes. People that are expected to engage in the ministry of visitation are picking offences against the church for not visiting them. The so-called workers and leaders are still falling victim of false prophets and teachers, being tossed here and there by every wind of false doctrines for lack of spiritual growth. All these point to the fact that we need all-round growth as workers and leaders if our church must move forward," he stated.

On seven facts about spiritual growth, Pastor Oladapo noted that; "You cannot grow alone; you need others (Acts 2: 37-42; Hebrews 10: 25). Your growth depends on the group and environment you pitch your tent with  (Gen. 34: 1-2; Timothy. 1: 5). The speed and acceleration of your growth is in the hand of what you feed on (that is, what you read, see/watch), and where you go. Believer’s spiritual growth has no limit or terminal (Phil. 3: 12-14). There is possibility of retardation in spiritual growth  (2 Timothy 4: 10; Luke 9: 62.). The stability of spiritual growth is continuity, service and spiritual exercise (I Cor. 15: 58). Christian growth ends at God’s calling either at the point of death or by rapture; therefore growth is a continuous process; you cease to grow when you die  (Timothy. 4: 6-8)."

At the refresher course, the Zonal Superintendent of CAC Light of the World Zone, Pastor E. 'Doyin Adeyemi delivered a lecture on the topic "THE DYNAMIC NATURE OF OUR CALL AS CHURCH WORKERS IN A COMPETITIVE CHURCH ENVIRONMENT"; the District Superintendent of CAC His Fame House, Pastor I.D.O. Akinpelu delivered lecture on the topic "STUNTED GROWTH - CAUSES, CONSEQUENCES AND CURE"; and Pastor Ebenezer Aladejare delivered lecture on "MINISTRY PAR EXCELLENCE."

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