Our prayer mountains in CAC still carry power like the days of our fathers- Prophet Ologbonyo


Prophet Joseph Ade Ologbonyo

Prophet Joseph Ade Ologbonyo is the planter of Christ Apostolic Church, Church of Boanerges. He was recently led by God to build a mission house for Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Alafia 2, Erin-Ijesha, Osun State and it was dedicated last month. In this interview with CAC News, Prophet Ologbonyo speaks on how God led him to Erin-Ijesha where he also established a prayer mountain. EXCERPT !

What took you to Erin-Ijesha in 2019?

Whatever I do in the ministry today, I will never do anything aside the leading of the Holy Spirit. I was called by God, I have mentors, I have fathers, but I listen to Him than anybody. I was praying and God said, “my son, I want to meet you at Erin Ijesha”. I have never been there, I had not even heard about the waterfall. I started asking where is Erin Ijesha until I go there and God said “on top of that mountain if you look up, you will be afraid of going there.” Then, there were no steps to climb that mountain, it’s like you want to commit suicide. I had to follow the instruction of the Holy Spirit. When I got there, I got to the spot where God wanted me to stay and He said this is where I want to meet you.Surprisingly to me I saw what I had never seen in my life. A cloud descended like a pillar – round pillar. Tall from down to heaven like that and it was like a mirror. All of us – my followers were with me; some of them are still with me today. Everyone was amazed that they were looking at themselves in the mirror in a cloud and that happened between 11pm to like 4am and by the time I heard the voice of God I said God has answered our prayers. 

We could not see till like 7am; we opened our eyes but we couldn’t see. We were looking for road;we could not get outof the bush. So I went there by the leading of the Holy Spirit and since then I have been going once in a year. Before I do anything in the year, after new year in the church, I move to the mountain to spend three days with the Lord with marathon fasting and prayer. Before, it was myself and my followers, but now it is myself and all workers in CAC Boarnerges.  Wherever they are, they come down there; we will be there to commit our journey in the year into God’s hands.

God has started a mountain in Erin-Ijesha through you, sir?

By the grace of God it is becoming so because I have been going there every year. For anybody not to come and take over that place, I had to get in touch with the community in order to avoid a situation where the place would be given to another person. I decided to talk to the community and let them know my intention to be meeting with God on the mountain. 

What gave birth to the initiative to build the recently dedicated mission house for CAC Oke Alafia-1, Erin-Ijesa?

It is the leading of the Holy Spirit. We were on our way to the mountain when I heard the voice of God that we should not go to the mountain that evening. Because we still had time I said we should look for somewhere to pray. We did not even know that it was a CAC church. Surprisingly to me, it was an herbalist that led us to the place. He said that he feels they will allow us since the place was his church and the pastor did not come until I requested to see him the following day.I was asking him about how the church was going. He wasn’t not forthcoming and I told him I already sent for brand new drum set for the church that night that they should bring it in the morning. But in the morning before the arrival of the drum set, God told me that I should build a mission house for the church that they do not have it and I know that I did not have money, but God told me “that is what I want you to do” and that is going to be my first project for this year. I asked the pastor of the church where the church’s mission house was and he said they did not have. I also asked him where he resided and he replied that he resides in a rented apartment where they have even been asked to leave and that they are being threatened.

I asked him to show us where we could build the mission house and on that particular day 3rd January, 2022 we were looking around and he showed us somewhere. After descending from the mountain, the following week I travelled to the seven churches in the book of Revelation.

I went there to pray and I directed a professional engineer to take all workers down there; they started the foundation by the Zonal Superintendent of Erin-Ijesha because I have to carry everybody along being a breed and well bred of Christ Apostolic Church, I must carry my leaders along. So I carried all of them along. They were the ones who did the foundation laying, by our order of service in Christ Apostolic Church. I was not there, in fact, the day of the dedication was my first time of seeing the house except from pictures. Until the building was completed, I could not go there because there was no time. It was the leading of the Holy Spirit, nothing else, Holy Spirit.

Since the creation of man, one of the difficult things for man to do has been to obey the voice of God – obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit and you said Holy Spirit leads you and you obey. Why do you think that it is difficult for some people, even till now, to obey simple instruction from the Holy Spirit?

I cannot say, I can only speak for myself. Speaking for myself, I know I am not living by any other Spirit. What makes you a man of God if you are not obeying the One that sent you? What will actually make you a child of God is obedience to your Father. If you are not obedient, it means you are a bastard. Without Holy Spirit, you are nobody but an ordinary person, who cannot hear. So far you can hear Him speaking, He can reveal or and speak with you, the best thing is for you to follow His instruction. Who am I not to follow the instruction of my Father? Do I have anywhere to go? I do not have where I can do ritual. 

I was born into Christendom but I hate pastorate – I hate it passionately. I did not want to be a pastor. At times when you dress well, put on tie and you are going, people call you pastor. I do tell those people that ‘‘it is your grandfather that God will called as a pastor, I cannot be a pastor.’’ Fortunately or unfortunately for me, my maternal grandparents and parents were men of God. So I was born into it – born into mission house. I have witnessed many things. So, I hated the way they lived. 

I also hate it when you beg people to give you food, to be telling them “e ma gbagbe awon pastor o “don’t forget the pastors o.” I hate those things. I have hands and legs; I am not lazy, I can work. So, why should I go and be begging people before I eat? I will now begin to ring bell and say praise the Lord. What led me here is not that I was called; but God sent me and that is why I am not in competition with anybody, not after any position. I am not running after anything, I am just following the leading of the Holy Spirit because the day I accepted to do His work, having vomited blood for eight months, I saw the angel of the Lord one on one, not in a dream, but physically.  The door was locked, I did not know how he came in; I cannot explain how he disappeared but that was how I got healed from vomiting blood and there is a covenant between me and God. He explained everything about being in the ministry to me. He led me to Ido-Ile mountain for one year that I should go and receive the rest of the instructions there. If I have been receiving instruction from God from day one, do I have any other mountain? I do not have any other source. I did not go to the seminary to learn God’s work. Even though I went to Christ International Divinity College where I acquired Bachelor's degree in Theology, however, what God used to tell me is not what they taught us in the seminary. I always being attentive to hear Him (God). I have no choice, even if He asked me to enter into fire, I will obey. Was He not the one that led the three Hebrews into the fiery furnace and He was there with them? I do not care; I just want to do the will of my Father.

For God to have sent you to Erin-Ijesha, that means that God has prepared to do something in that land. Can you tell us few things that God told you He is about to do in that land?

One thing that I know is that, if people that are called by His name shall humble themselves and forsake their sins, the Bible says, God will heal their land. It is an act of God to send a prophet to a particular place at a particular season. It is for them to obey and follow like we have been saying. I believe if Erin-Ijesha people hearken to the voice of the Lord, Who has sent me down there, not to establish church, He will heal their land. People should be expecting God in action. I am not God, I do not know what He is having for them, but He told me if they hearken and forsake their sins, He will heal their land. That community is blessed with natural resources. I wish you get to their waterfall and see, that waterfall is not like any other one in this country. It is special, it has seven falls in that bush and in that community, the government is making millions of naira without doing anything for them – no development, nothing and they have prominent children – people like Baba W.F. Kumuyi. I was told he has not come down to Erin-Ijesha. They have begged him, but he refused to come. If God has sent me there, maybe He wants me to be a forerunner for people like him, so that they can come down to the community to do something, I wouldn’t  know. He is God, I do not know His mind unless He tells me, but He told me, if they obey and forsake their sins (because that community engages in some demonic activities) “I will heal their land. Most of the children and indigenes are running for their heads too and that is the place God asked me to go, I have no choice.

As a prophet of God, what is our assessment of the state of Prayer Mountains in our generation presently. Some people believe that it has been abused by false prophets or false prophetic declarations. What is your opinion or assessment of the state of Prayer Mountains presently?

I will agree by saying yes and no. Yoruba adage says, when the home is getting filled, the bastard shows up. The mountains established by our fathers especially in Christ Apostolic Church people like Apostle Babalola, are still powerful. The covenant of God is still there, but you know people go to mountains for different purposes these days. They go there for merchandise, businesses and they have started polluting the mountain. In those days, our fathers were not going to the mountains to sleep; they were going there once in a blue moon to separate themselves to hear from God. Unlike today that the mountain has been turned to business centres. You cannot even go to some mountains and have your privacy. They hold programmes all the time and the motive behind it is to collect money. I am not saying that we should not raisee funds, but when it becomes habitual thing, it’s bad. Mountain is a place Jesus Christ was led to. People like Moses and Elijah went to the mountain even Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus went to the mount of Olives to pray. When He has worked all day, He used the rest of the day, either on the sea or on the mountain. He prayed to God and it was on the mountain we saw a lot of things happen-for example, the Mount of Transfiguration. I have been there several times in Israel where Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus and Peter said it was good for them to make three tents there. It was on the mountain that Moses encountered the burning bush. A lot of things took place on the mountain. 

The beatitude that was talked about in Matthew chapter five was a mountain, I have been there. Jesus has given us an example as men of God that you do not just see people at all time. It is not every time that people will be seeing you. There is also this mistake – I am one of those who have made it, but I am correcting it now – it is a mistake for you to go to the mountain and begin to go online show yourself or take pictures while praying privately. It is an error, a ministerial mistake. We should not be doing that. It is like the white bird that shows its enemies where it washes its clothes. You should not be telling people your secret place. That is our own secret place where we hear from God. It is not where one goes and you let people know the number of mmountains you have ascended or descended. It is a place you should separate yourself, have privacy (a silent arena) where you can see nature and talk to God and God talks back to you. It has been bastardized; however, the covenant of God has not left some mountain. For instance, the mountain I go to in Erin-Ijesha, nobody has been living there and I have not been there until God took me there. Nobody decided the place for me, but I was led there. It means God must have seen some things in some certain mountains and say that He want to establish something there. From that spot to EfonAlaye is just thirty minutes walk; you can trekk from that mountain to Efon-Alaye. What a mystery! Yet it was not planned.

Lastly, you are one of the planters in Christ Apostolic Church that God is using to expand His kingdom. Is there any plan to expand CAC Boanerges to other places, other countries of the world in the next few years?

By the grace of God, I have a mandate, but I have been instructed not to be disclosing it again. Presently as I am talking to you, CAC Boanerges is in Canada right now and we are still moving. I believe that I am one of the vessels that God wants to use to bring transformation to Christ Apostolic Church. I was born in CAC, I grew up here and I will die here. I believee so much in the authority of CAC, I respect them so much. I do not believe in public criticism; I believe if there is any transformation or correction, we can do it underground. We can write or suggest to them. It is their turn. You don’t criticise an office you have not entered. It is easy for you to judge, but when you enter, you will know that it is not easy to govern. The spectators watching football sometimes know how to play the football than people on the field through their comments – some even go to the extent of demonstrating it whereas they are not on the field. However, when they get to the field, can they run forty to forty-five minutes not to talk of ninety minutes?

I don't like criticising the office I have not entered. People in position of authority in Christ Apostolic Church are trying their best and putting in their best. 


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