CAC Itire DCC holds commendation service in honour of late Prof. Sonaike

A solemn commendation service in which the Christ Apostolic Church Itire Choir gave their famed virtuosity and grand performance to very appreciative audience was held in honour of Pastor, Prof. Kola Sonaike on Saturday, May 21. 

The audience made up of former President of CAC, Pastor A. O. Akinosun, the Akinyele Regional Superintendent, Pastor S.A. Adedayo, the Music Director of CAC, Pastor Tope Dada, the Director of Publicity, Pastor Ade Alawode, the DCC Superintendent, Pastor Gideon Oladokun, District Superintendents, Pastors and representatives of JABU Community, led by the Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kehinde Eniola and other distinguished personalities from other denominations and the ecumenical Christian bodies, were held spell- bound as the Choir and Orchestra of CAC Itire dished out soul-lifting tunes amidst tributes sessions, recalling the charisma and Christian charity, piety and humanitarian life of the late Prof. Kola Sonaike, former V-C of JABU.

The VC died on March 20, 2022 and his remains have since been buried in the USA.

The commendation service was organized in honour of the Late VC because CAC, Itire was his base. It was there he led the Choir and developed it to a high standard. 

He had also been sponsoring their orchestra which had been held at UI, Ibadan, National Theatre, before it was permanent at Muson Centre in Lagos.

He was always present in Nigeria for rehearsals and Orchestra performance from his USA base any time the Choir was to perform.

Some of his musical compositions were also performed at the service.

Speaking while praying for the family of the deceased, the retired President of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Abraham Olukunle Akinosun, said that whoever is living without Jesus Christ is in darkness.

He therefore warned that people who live in darkness have no hope of eternal life. 

Pastor Akinosun said the late Prof. Pastor Kola Sonaike's departure may be painful to us, but he was heaven's gain because he lived his life in Christ.

We missed him as a human because of the way he benefitted so many people with his substance, his wealth and his intellect. He said a man like this necessarily must be resting in the bosom of the Lord.

He added that a man wakes up at the place where he sleeps. "When one refuses to live in Christ he is living in darkness. Once such a person dies and people are praying to God to rest his soul in paradise, they are asking for impossibility because he had chosen where he would go after death," he said.

Earlier in a brief message, Pastor S. Adedayo, the Akinyele Regional Superintendent said despite the efforts of scientists and advancement in medicine, man has not been able to conquer death. This, according to the preacher means that death is inevitable. But Christians have been assured of eternal life in Christ. He therefore advised his listeners to always be prepared. He urged them to remain in Christ with whom there is assurance of eternal life.


Photo speaks ! Photo Credit: OPP Photography

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