Stop procrastination, life is short, do anything you want to do for the Lord now, Pastor Oladele urges

Pastor Samuel O. Oladele

The President of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele has urged Christians not to be postponing decisions because life is very short.

He noted that life is short, anything anyone wants to do for the Lord should be done now, without procrastination.

Pastor Oladele who stated this while ministering on the topic "The Brevity of Life" last weekend at the Service of Songs organised for late Vice Chancellor of Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Prof. Kola Sonaike in North America said; "anything you want to do for the Lord, do it now. Don't keep on postponing decisions. Procrastination is not only the thief of time but number one enemy on the way of doing good."

According to him, our number one duty is to know the Lord, worship Him, serve Him and love Him. 

"Life should serve as an encouragement to be patient under trouble. If we know that life is brief and short, it can serve as an encouragement to us to be patient under trouble. The days are full of trouble. The things of this world are okay but we shouldn't place high premium on them. The things we hold tight to our hands will soon fall into the hands of many people. Lay hold on life eternal. This world isn't going to be forever. Lay hold on that which is everlasting. Today, many hearts have been broken, many are shedding tears, do something about them. Don't wait for God to do it for them, God is also waiting for you to do it," he stated. 

The President also described some preachers as advertisers of goods that cannot be found in God's supermarket.

These kind of preachers, according to Pastor Oladele, tell their congregation that immediately they give their lives to Christ, they wouldn't have to face any trouble in life.

The CAC President urged such preachers to desist from such act, stating that life is full of many hours and one of such is the hour of darkness.

Speaking from the text, Job 14:1-2, the President said human beings forget a lot of things, hence, the possibility of forgetting the truth of that text which points to the short span of life irrespective of the years one spends on earth.

He noted that irrespective of the name one is given (Kokumo, Arikuyeri etc.), one shall die; adding that life is short and it is a process. 

The President stated that we must all agree with the fact that life is short and decaying and in that case, we must fulfill our assignments on earth.

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