"Know your limitation'' by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Text: 1 kings 5:1-6


The study will be done with the following sub-headings:

1.David’s loyal friend

2.Peace on every side

3.Solomon’s request

4.King Hiram’s response

5.Lessons from the topic

David’s loyal friend

 One of the beautiful gifts that king David had was gift of men, at a point he had Michal 1 Sam.19:11 ff, Jonathan 1 Sam. 18:3ff, he had his brothers 1 Sam.22:1ff, His men had grown to six hundred (600) 1 Sam.23:13 ff, they grew to become mighty men 2 Sam.23:8, then king Haram is being mentioned in today’s text.


David was lovable but he must also have been a good friend, are u such? What you sow you will reap Gal 6:9, do you have good friends? A friend who does not share your pain, celebrate you wins no matter how small, correct you when you err or are about to amongst others is not a good friend watch out. Who are your ministerial friends? The old prophet was perceived as a colleague and friend until he led the young prophet to disobey God and made him to die untimely.1 king 13:18 in fact he was used by God to prophesy his disobedience and death and even buried him.

Peace on every side

Solomon loved the Lord and also followed the decrees of His father 1 king 3:3a, he offered a special sacrifice to God, one thousand (1000) burnt offering vs.4

The Lord asked him what he wanted vs.5, he asked for an understanding heart vs.9, the Lord gave him but on a different level from his request vs.12, he also added riches and fame to it. Vs.13

The grace of God with King Solomon made him to love Him and gave freely to Him which positioned him as a recipient of an understanding heart (this made him do only things that brought peace of God and men at least up to a stage) also made him enjoy peace (as a blessings) on every side till he sensed and said it openly 1 king 5:4, we should however be Godly obeying His standards as we pursue peace so that we don’t lose sanity and even God in the process, king Solomon went a little bit overboard on this.

Jesus is still in the business of giving peace, a special kind of peace that will take away troubles from our heart irrespective of past, present and future experiences and occurrences John 14:27,Matt.11:29 are you troubled in life, family, business, career and ministry run to Him today. He saw it before handand made appropriate and adequate provisions John 16:33, He will give you peace and direct your steps and path appropriately.




In sorrow He’s my comfort

In trouble He’s my stay

He tells me every care on Him to roll

He’s the lily of the valley

The bright and morning star

He’s the fairest of ten thousand to my soul


Solomon’s request

Although King Solomon’s response was very direct, explicit and mutually beneficial he made sure to lay the background that as a son of the former king (your friend), he intends to continue from where his father had stopped and also honour his God vs.5

King Solomon requested for the expertise of the Sidonian’s in cutting the timber required for the building of the world famous temple for God vs 6. 


King Hiram’s response

The king was very pleased with King Solomon’s request, he went ahead to praise God for giving King David a wise son and Israel a wise leader Vs.7, His reply clearly states what he wants to do in response to King Solomon’s request:

Ø  He will supply the Cedar and Cypress Timber Vs.8

Ø  He will convey from Lebanon to the Mediterranean sea Vs.9

Ø  Make the transported product into rafts along whatsoever coast that he chooses vs.9

Ø  Wanted trade by barter as remuneration model requesting food which Solomon/Israel had Vs.9

Lessons from the topic

   We are not talking of delimitation: self: envisioned, made and sustained limitations, or an attack from the devil.

Ø  God could endow His people but He didn’t at this instance, you recall he did during Moses’ ark building Gen.31:1-6, God’s power, person and word doesn’t change Heb.13:8 but His dealing which is His prerogative with us may be different.

Ø  Know your call, gift, strength, anointing, the grace of God at work in you Vs. 6 no one among us can cut timber like you Sidonian’s, anyone doing anything great in whatsoever field/capacity will at one point or the other need people.

Ø  Be humble and sincere to call or ask for help when there is need vs.6 not everyone around you is a suspect God may have planted some persons around you to bring in a dimension you can’t do by yourself,but remember Prov. 21:1


Thank you and shalom.


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