CAC unity train is moving, join now- Pastor Oladele says at re-union service

The Unity train of Christ Apostolic Church is in full throttle, every peace loving member and the cleric must join now or they may be left behind", so declared the President of the Church, Pastor Samuel Olusegun Oladele, at a re union service held on the last Monday of 2021 at CAC, Oke Ogo DCC headquarters Iju, Lagos.

It was indeed a day of joy and gladness on that Monday, December 27, 2021 when the leadership of Christ Apostolic Church Nigeria and Overseas visited Lagos for a re union service with the brethren who left the faction that unlawfully called itself supreme council for the authentic ruling body, the General Executive Council of Christ Apostolic Church last year.

The President, Pastor S. O. Oladele who led the delegation, which included some of the Church's principal officers, had stated during his inaugural speech on March 20, 2021, that one of the Three-Point Agenda of his administration is reconciliation of the Church. The others being, Human Capacity Development and Evangelism/Church Growth. The machinery for actualizing these objectives has been prayerfully put on full throttle since his assumption of office and to the glory of God there are positive outcomes.

The service which was held at Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Ogo DCC headquarters, Iju, Lagos commenced with joyous singing of the "Head of the Church Triumphant".

Welcoming the Authority of the Church, Pastor Kayode Omoniyi (a.k.a. Apostle of Peace) who had been in the forefront of activism to reunite the Church even within the supreme faction since 2017, began his address with a song titled, "In moments like these..." He stated that it was a day they had all been looking forward to and for which they were grateful to God for witnessing. He confirmed that since their recent visit to Ibadan and meeting with the CAC Authority, he has had very sound and peaceful sleep at night. He enjoined every sincere member of Christ Apostolic Church to support and co operate with the church leaders in seeing to the end of the crisis and uniting the Church once for all. no

The President whose message was based on Psalm 133 emphasized the importance of unity among brethren, especially the leadership. He stated that CAC members are not the problem but the leaders, and that when leaders allow the Oil of unity to be poured upon their heads, it will flow to every member of the Church, and like the dew on Hermon does, "we shall be reconciled, refreshed, revived and blessed of the Lord".

He further stated that unity does not obliterate our differences - as we are all different from one another due to our personality types, background and interests etc, like that recorded in Acts chapter 6. However, he maintained that our ultimate goal, to have Christ take the pre-eminence in all things, should moderate our diversity and make it productive rather than destructive.

Making reference to Peter who was forward (Sanguine), Andrew who was cool like a pool (Phlegmatic), James who was fiery like thunder among others (Choleric), the President stressed that the Holy Spirit does not violate our personality, rather He co operates with our different personalities in order to fulfill the purpose of God in our lives and ministry.

He said that every true member of Christ Apostolic Church is tired of the embarrassment which the 31-year old crisis has caused the Church, adding, "Enough is enough".

The President was accompanied to the meeting by the General Superintendent, Pastor E.O. Odejobi, Director of Missions Pastor C.S. Fasuyi and Special Assistant to the President Pastor T.D. Asokeji.

On hand to receive the President were Pastors S.A. Adedayo (Regional Superintendent, Akinyele Region), Pastor 1.0. Eyebiokin, (Regional Superintendent, Essien Region), Kayode Omoniyi (Superintendent, Oke Ogo DCC), Pastor G.O. Oladokun (Superintendent, Itire DCC), Prophet Jegede (Superintendent, C.A.C. Ago Adura DCC Oke Odo Lagos), Pastor S.O. Latunde, Superintendent, Good News DCC and Pastor M.O. Oluwasanmi (Superintendent, Mercy DCC Ikola Lagos) among others.

Also, every unit of the Church was well represented in the re-union service - Men, Women, Youth and Children.

Speaking to the Church Media Team, Pastor Omoniyi said he was overjoyed by the visit of the President and his team because it confirmed what the President had said that the vehicle of unity of the Christ Apostolic Church is on the move, it is time for whoever is ready for peace to join.

Pastor Kayode said the visit was also proof that the vision God gave him while still in the supreme council faction in 2017, which made him to ask their President then, Late Pastor -Lagunju to allow a delegation to visit their brethren in the General Executive Council during the year's Pastors' Conference at Ikeji = Arakeji was fulfilled. He added that since that visit, which brought a reciprocal visit from the GEC to Alasepe, Ikire he and many other like minds who were desirous of the Church unity had been saying there was no need to insist on position-sharing before the could unite.

He made good his promise when he led over 30 DCCs made up of over 400 pastors back to the fold of the General Executive Council in 2020. He dismissed as mere propaganda recent statement by a factional leader that most of those that followed him into GEC had returned to the faction.

Said he: "They are only sustaining their hold on their followers with propaganda and falsehood."

BY PASTOR ADE ALAWODE, Director of Publicity,with additional Report BY PASTOR T.D. ASOKEJI (Special Assistant to the President)

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  1. Thanks to God that no matter the crowds following you. That's not the yard stick of God to measure your faithfulness. The church is not a political party that needed crowd to win an elective post. Bear in mind the owner of the Church will come one day. Everyone shall give details account of their stewardship. Till then let's be honest in handling things of God. Thanks

  2. Hello Sir.... When reporting on this issue, do not be biased in your reportage. It is so sad in the quest of uniting the church that you will be including a statement stating that the General Executive Council was authentic while the Supreme Council was fake. That is a very biased statement. This should have been objective and not biased. Before the crisis of 1990, the highest decision making body in CAC was the Supreme Council. It was in 1990 that it was split into two. Do not aggravate the crisis by making such statement. Your journalism should be on both sides and not a one sided opinion.

  3. Already the settlement is gathering momentum and we are happy about it,I pray may it be a genuine reconciliation this time around.Let's byegone be byegone and focus's on winning more souls for Christ.

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