If Nigerians can practice love in year 2022, Nigeria will come back to normal, says Cleric


Prophet Oluwaseun Oluwatunmibi

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The District Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Unchangeable Changer District, Prophet Oluwaseun Oluwatunmibi has said if Nigerians can practice love in year 2022 Nigeria will come back to normal and everybody will enjoy the goodness of God in that year. 

Pastor Oluwatunmibi said this recently in an exclusive phone chat with CAC News. 

He noted that God told him there would be solution to Nigeria's problem if Nigerians can follow divine instruction to love themselves.

The Cleric stressed that "love covereth all things, it covers all errors, Nigeria is not dead, the country can still be restored, but we need to work on ourselves, especially ministers of God."

"We should follow Christ. We should not major on religion. Some ministers are so religious and they are not lovers of Christ. They are critics. They only celebrate those they can get something from. Anybody they can't get something from, they write them off, even people that have potentials. If we can begin to love ourselves and our neighbors, then we will love God. Many of us don't love ourselves. Some husbands don't love their wives, some wives don't love their husbands. That is why when the husband is not financially bouyant, there would be problem in the family. Love of money is rampant. We need to desist from love for money, love God and our neighbors, then Nigeria will progress," he explained.

According to Pastor Oluwatunmibi, it is selfishness which made some people to join politics that brought us to where we are, noting that anyone who is in leadership position should have the interest of the electorate at heart, but because they don't love they are not showing interest in the well being of others.

He added that; "If you love you will be considerate and you will not behave as if you don't love others. If we can practice love in year 2022 Nigeria will come back to normal and everybody will enjoy the goodness of God in that year."

Pastor Oluwatunmibi further urged ministers of God to be preaching love not denominations, and Christians shouldn't be criticising each other.

"There is no denominations in heaven. We don't need to castigate ourselves or use the pulpit to preach against ourselves. Some people before they say one or two things they will start criticising another church or ministers of God. Our leaders should stop criticising each other," he concluded.

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