CAC Authority formally inducts Pastor Oyeyemi as Superintendent of CAC Odi-Olowo DCC

Akinyele Regional Superintendent, Pastor Samuel A. Adedayo administering the induction rite.

By Damilare Ayilara

The Authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas has inducted Pastor J.T. Oyeyemi as the Superintendent of CAC Odi-Olowo Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Odi-Olowo, Lagos. 

The induction service was held on Sunday 5th of December, 2021 at Odi-Olowo DCC headquarters in Lagos. Pastor Oyeyemi who was transferred to Odi-Olowo DCC last year was inducted by the Regional Superintendent of CAC Akinyele Region, Pastor Samuel A. Adedayo who represented the Church Authority.

Districts under Odi-Olowo DCC are Adegboyega District, Idera District, Ogo Oloruntan District, Orelope District, House of Blessing District, Peaceland District, Liberation District, Redemption District, Praise Centre District and Mount of Success District.

While ministering at the programme on the topic "The Fear of God", the Regional Superintendent of CAC Akinyele Region, Pastor Adedayo said "The Fear Of God" is a concept which has moved away from our society, members and even from some ministers of God and due to this we experience difficulties and so many problems in our days.

He further emphasized that God wants everyone who claims to be His Child to fear Him (Deuteronomy 10:12), adding that "if every child of God can sincerely fear the Lord only then would He totally be at our service to help us out."

Pastor Adedayo added that "we do not feel God's presence and power as of old because we do not put His fear first. Most of us put God at an emergency level that's why suffering, poverty, troubles, struggles have replaced God's goodness in our midst today."

He noted that Noah feared the Lord and obeyed Him, saying that anyone who fears the Lord must obey Him and do His will without compromise.

"One doesn't need to announce it before people will know that one has the fear of God. It will be known through your behavior, pursuit, utterances, reactions etc.," he emphasized.

He concluded that "God has a plan, purpose and blessings for all His children and He will never fail them. But you need to put His fear first in your mind and make every other thing follow. Only then will He make things fall into places for you."

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