The church needs to practice kind of Christianity our fathers practiced- Prophet Dairo


Prophet Adefemi Joshua Dairo

Prophet Adefemi Joshua Dairo is the minister in charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Goshen Land, Ilorin, Kwara State. In this interview with CAC News, Prophet Dairo speaks on the forthcoming 10th anniversary of the church, his experience as a planter and many interesting issues. EXCERPT !

Our readers and followers will like to know about you. Tell us briefly about yourself

My name is Prophet Adefemi Joshua Dairo. Gracefully, I am the Senior Pastor at CAC GOSHENLAND (Gbogan Gbogunmi), Sapati. I am an indigene of Ondo in Akure. I am married with 3 kids. 

Kindly tell us how CAC Goshen Land started - from day one till now.

CAC Goshenland started as a result of God's instructions. We were simply having our interdenominational programme in Ilorin. We did this for 7 years before God instructed me to start a church. Like many churches, we started from my parlour at Osin Itaelepa. That was where the first service was held with my wife, two other people, and me. 

Just before we began, we inquired of the Lord for the name we were to give the church. The Lord spoke to me mentioning the word, 'Goshen Land'. Within me, I concluded that the name of the church will simply be GoshenLand International or thereabout. I said this, within me. 

In my sleep, I had a dream. In that dream, I saw Apostle Ayo Babalola of Christ Apostolic Church. I spoke with him saying, "I thought you were dead sir." He responded by telling me that, "Though I was dead my works speak on." He further said, "Do not by any chance leave CAC..." 

Then I woke up. I never wanted to be a CAC pastor even if at all I would be a pastor. 

That was how I knew that the full name God was trying to tell me for the church was CHRIST APOSTOLIC CHURCH (GOSHENLAND). Then we began.

From my living room, we went to a rented warehouse. The first service was held on the 18th of September, 2011.

After two years, we secured our permanent land at Sapati, Ganmo, Ilorin, Kwara State.

God gave us 7 covenants that we have been living by and they are:

The 7 Covenant terms Of Goshenland

The Land of Recovery

The Land where we are accepted the way we are

The best of the Land

The Land of Multiplication

The Land of Fruitfulness

The Separate Land

The Land of Protection

This year, CAC GOSHENLAND clocks 10 years

As the planter of the church, what are the challenges you encountered and how did you overcome them?

As a church planter, there are so many challenges that would arise but I will share just two.

The challenge of having the right people to work with you. 

Glory to Jesus, this was overcome by the Spirit of God who always led us before we accept anyone to work with us. Not just that, the same Spirit of God has been the pillar of support all through the journey.

The challenge of envy and criticism, even from people you least expect. When this happened, I applied the words of Archbishop Benson Idahosa that "the only people who will criticize you enough to pay attention to are those who have done twice what you are trying to do once."

That settled it. I saw them as the least of my problem to focus on. God won the battle for me. Hallelujah.

Any lessons for future church planters to learn?

I want to advise future church planters that they tarry in the place of prayer, no matter what happens, do not disconnect from God and your wife, always ask what you don't understand, ensure it is the Lord that instructed you to plant a church before doing so and do not despise the days of your little beginning. 

What are the activities to commemorate your 10th anniversary?

For this 10th Anniversary and Convention, there are a lot of activities lined up to benefit the attendees.

Beginning from 10th - 14th of November, a lot has been preplanned and prepared for. We have lectures in place by one of the best teachers of the word around, we have the prophetic encounter, we have praise night, we have share and care, and so on. They are so much and each is tailored towards a specific goal for the participants. It is having a swell time with THE FAITHFUL GOD.

Tell us briefly about the invited minsters

For this year's convention, we have ministers in songs, in sermons, and in the prophetic.  We would be receiving the presence of God. We would also be receiving the ministration of Evang. Dr. Bola Are, L/Evang. Dr. Omolewa Yetunde Ahmed, Prophet Sam Olu Alo, Pastor M. K Ehinmode, Pastor Adeolu Bokode, and other anointed ministers of God.

To minister in songs are Prophetess Bisi Alawiye Aluko, Elijah Daniels, Bose Adeiwa, Joelworship, Bola Discovery, Pastor Ebenezer, Shade Taiwo, Tunde Daniels, and Honey Drop.

Why the theme "Faithful God"?

"The Faithful God!" Hmmm.

Is God not faithful? Our God is faithful. Dating back to when we started, 10 years ago, a lot has happened. Despite all that happened, God remained faithful to His words. His promises are intact. His covenant remains. He stood still with His words. 

Humanly speaking, man can fail. A man might consider something we did wrong and as such refuse to continue his promises to us but God will never do that. Once He has said it, He will do it.

This Convention has been programmed to make people receive the needed encouragement that despite all they may be passing through, God is still faithful. It has been planned to lead people to the Faithful God in prayer and songs. 

Our God is indeed faithful!

It is generally believed in CAC that majority of church planters don't adhere to the directives of the church Authorities. What is your thought on this and message to such planters?

Well, as for CAC GOSHENLAND, we don't subscribe to such. We are a separate land (according to our covenant). 

For instance, we usually have a programme every second Sunday of the month called, 'white Sunday', and the Authorities called us that such isn't allowed or permitted. Immediately, we put a stop to it, simply obeying the Authorities. 

There are also other cases like that, that we would just receive a message from them... We won't have to do any meeting to know if their decision is right or not; we simply take action on it as instructed. 

For those who disobey the Authorities, I will encourage them to turn a new leaf as Romans 13:1-2 says: "Obey the government, for God, is the One who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power. So those who refuse to obey the law of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow."

What is your assessment of the present state of the church (not only CAC, but the church at large)?

To answer this, I will simply say that the church needs to practice the kind of Christianity our fathers did. The church is getting moved by things that ought not to move them in the world. We need to go back to doing it the way our fathers did it. Because they did it well made us always refer to God as God of our fathers. We need to go back to the root.

Many people believe that the church is not as powerful as in the days of our Fathers. Do you subscribe to this, if yes, what is the way forward?

Yes. The way forward is to meet God in the place of prayer, demanding powers. The church needs a revival!

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