"What are you carrying?" by Pastor Femi Olorunnisola

When you fail to understand these things, you may lose your allocation -  what you have, what you have lost, what you need to gain, what is missing, what you need to discover, what you need to develop, and what you really need. 

Jesus said the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). Many allocations had been stolen, from the rightful owners, some had been killed, and some had been destroyed, because the owners could not understand what they carry. Many had buried their allocations because it seems worthless to them. Just like the servant that was given one talent, but went to bury it instead of trading with it, many had looked down on what God had bestowed on them when they see what others have. Some had buried their allocations out of fear, intimidation, comparison, envy, anger, and even hatred. It all narrows down to their lack of understanding of what God has given them. But Jesus said the allocation would be taken out of the hand of the one who does not have even what he has (Matthew 25:29). It means you have it, but you allowed it to die. Jesus said even the dead allocation shall be taken from such ignorant and negligent, and given to the one that could use it, because God never wastes resources.

There is nothing wrong with your allocations – big or small. You just need to guard it well so as not to be lurking on the wayside of life. Your understanding of what God has made you for and made for you really matters to make it dead or live to glorify God.

Your allocation is the picture of your destiny and your future. Your allocation means the purpose for which you were made and wired. Your allocation tells where you are going and who you are meant to be.

The brothers of Joseph conspired and said, “Here comes the dreamer. Let us kill him and see what will become of his dreams” (Genesis 37:19 – 20). Basically, they were not after the life of Joseph just because he was an enemy, they were specifically after his dreams. His dreams defined his allocations. Since he was the dreamer of the dream, he had subsequently become the enemy. He became a target the day he shared the picture of his allocations with them. Who have you shared the story of your life with? Who have you shared your dream with? They waited on the wayside, saw him afar off, and conspired to kill him and his dreams.

“So you are going to be our king, are you?” his brothers taunted. And they hated him all the more for his dream and what he had said.” – Genesis 37: 8.

Many lives had been destroyed because of their dreams and whom they shared their dreams with. Who is it that has heard about your dream and is now after your life? The Lord will expose them and disgrace them in Jesus name. 

The evil people know that the way to kill a dream is kill the dreamer. Joseph’s brother conspired to kill him because of his dreams. Whenever people attack you verbally, emotionally, or spiritually; they do so, not because of who you are but for what you carry – your allocation.

However, a major and more evil way to kill an allocation is to kill the allocation inside the carrier even while he is still alive. The sad part of life is that allocations have been terminated inside of many. More sadly, people will come around and help them bury it and cover it up. They will even give you alternatives to make you forget your purpose in life, and go about spreading the news that you once had a dream, but is now dead and can no longer come to reality. This is sad but truthful. Many dreamers had been made to personally kill their own dreams.

I want you to really understand this. It is a misconception that what happened to Joseph and his dreams became a reality would always happen to everyone. No. Do not deceive yourself. If the Lord will do it that way He will for you. If the Lord will do it another way do not stay relaxed when God expects you to fight for your destiny. Many lives and destinies had been destroyed as a result of their dreams being killed, because they were waiting for a prison-to-palace story when God wanted them to fight it out before the enemies could sell them out. As a result of their waiting, they doubted God, and no longer believe in their own dreams, and subsequently kill their dreams, and sadly end up their lives.

Joseph’s brother realized they would have blood in their hands when they kill the dreamer because of his dreams. Since they were still against Joseph’s dreams they sold him into slavery. By doing this, they made Joseph to kill his own dreams by himself.

“Judah said to others “What can we gain by killing our brother? That would just give us a guilty conscience. Let’s sell Joseph to those Ishmaelite traders. Let’s not be responsible for his death; after all, he is our brother!” And his brothers agreed. So when the traders came by, his brothers pulled Joseph out of the pit and sold him for twenty pieces of silver and the Ishmaelite traders took him along to Egypt.” – Genesis 37: 26 – 28, NLT.

There are ways the evil people who had become envious of your allocations make the owner terminate his or her allocations.

Some superiors have been envious of and intimidated by the allocations of their subordinates, and had made the dreamers kill their dreams, and owners sell out or terminate their allocations. Some bosses have become envious of the dreams of their workers, and had done the evil to make the dreamer kill their dreams. Some colleagues and so-called friends have done the evil to make the destined terminate their allocations. These are some of the ways they act as birds on the wayside against your allocations.

They emotionally and spiritually compress and oppress you with all forms of threats and intimidations. Some would even threaten with curses should you decide to leave them when you wnat to venture out to fulfill your dreams.

They cage the dreamer and restrain his movement, by placing a limitation on what he is to do.

They assign the dreamer to different field or position that is entirely different from what could make his dreams a reality.

They relocate and transfer the dreamer from his dreamland. They reassign you away from the location of your allocation.

They sell you out to places and people that would take your focus away from your allocations.

They set traps for you in order to have a legal hold on your life – some have been trapped with money, position, people of the opposite sex, and accolades.

They associate with the dreamer in order to pollute and contaminate his dreams, just like Sanballat and Tobiah wanted to do to Nehemiah. (Read Nehemiah).

If you allow them to make you terminate your allocations, God will not judge them for your failure and death of your purpose in life. God will judge you for allowing them. He gave you your portion and He will ask you what you did with it. God would only hold them responsible as accomplice but not as the culprit. If they plead for mercy God will have mercy on them if He chooses to. But who has lost out – they or you?

So, friends, why on earth would you allow the people that would not give account of your allocations to terminate or make you terminate your allocations?

Let me ask you as God asked Moses in Exodus 4:2, "What is in your hand?" Better still, like the Nigerian Policemen will always ask, "Wetin you carry?"

God bless you real good.

I am your friend and brother,

Pastor Femi Olorunnisola

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