"The Battle for Souls" by Steph Adebayo

Steph Adebayo

Cascaded by His love, constructed by His might, configured through His benevolence and the thought to make a beautiful abode for mankind without reservation,  did He built it ( the world) on the waters and formed them ( man) in His own image. His holy intention for them is an undying, immortal and glory encapsulated entity just like Himself but the whole initial plan was staggered(not fully aborted) by an alteration in the laid down rules of living, through interference orchestrated by the enemy of His wonderful creation.

The battle started long before the creation of the earth, several thousand years ago in a beautiful and a glorious kingdom, ruled by a powerful King with the indisputable title-ALMIGHTY GOD OF HEAVENS and one of His beloved Arch angel named lord-lucifer which in Hebrew is called “heylel”-meaning ( light bringer or morning star). It was recorded that jealousy and pride took hold of him (Lucifer) and he coveted the holiest and prestigious seat in the kingdom which belongs to no one else but his master and king-Yahweh meaning (self-existing being, created by no one). Fooled by the number of armies  he commands,the great armoury at  his disposal, the power he wields, his beauty and his entity (made from beautiful and hard stones, sharpened in fire) decided to dethrone the undefeated, all powerful, MAKER of all existing souls and creatures including himself. The coup failed and he alongside his coup plotters were sentence to everlasting banishment from the most glorious abode of angels to be settled in nowhere.This led to the rivalry and battle which played out in Eden- which serve as habitat for the entire creation. The custodian of the then beautiful garden and Gods handiwork wasn’t aware of the jealousy, outrage, disgust and bitterness the enemy has for him and his seeds. He wasn’t happy that a mere dust formation could be highly exalted than him (the once shinning morning star and the only mighty winged cherub that could access the Holy of the Holies where God resides), the captain of the heavenly army that was later reduced to the position of a wanderer and vagabond alongside his rebels.

This long hatred for the Almighty and everything related to Him owing to His decision of never wanting to give him a second chance was vetted and the long wait for sweet revenge was targeted but painfully in the wrong direction- towards His innocent, naïve and sinless creatures. He succeeded this time and what a pity that could have been anyways. He thought he has finally counted his scores towards God but the ALMIGHTY Himself has another terrible plan for him which will aggravate his previous condition.

The pronouncement was made! The word came forth and Authority of the Holy Trinity championed by the Head (God) follow suit – You shall bruise his ankle but his seed shall break your head. Consider the two action words bruise and break, which is more intense and severe?

Alas! The age long pronouncement from The Ancient Word came directly to pass before his very eyes thousands of years after. While he thought he has bruised and ridiculed him on the cross like a mere arm robber, He broke and shatter not only head but his entire being, through his blood and resurrection. He tormented Him (JESUS CHRIST) for years of his ministry even to the very last minute of his arrest (Gethsemane Experience),thinking he was calling the shot. Crucifixion on Calvary meant another victory to him but he never knew he was making the biggest mistake by allowing the single shed of His blood. Halleluiah! The battle for souls was won on the cross. Lucifer was defeated! He lost all this time and all man lost in that beautiful garden was recovered. The soul of men was once and for all redeemed again to ALMIGHTY KING OF HEAVEN. 

The battle, though won is still ongoing in our body today.

The soul is precious to God and He really want it to be His alone not sharing it with no other

The devil is also looking out for that same soul to possess and make use of for his destructive purpose. So the question is who are we selling our soul to?

Don’t you realize that you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey? You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death or you can choose to obey God which leads torighteous living” Rom 6:16 ( NLT Version)

Let’s be alive to the victory that was bought for us long time ago by not yielding our soul to the work of the flesh. With Jesus the battle is won and victory is ours. Amen


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