"Insignificant Ministry" by Pastor Gbenga Aluko

Pastor Gbenga Aluko

Text: Numbers 16:1-10

This will be discussed with the following sub-headings: 


ii.The Rebellion

iii. Insignificant ministry! Wrong mindset

iv.Characteristics of people suffering from the mentioned wrong mindset

v.Aftermath of rebellion

vi. Conclusion.


The fourth book of the bible named Numbers is basically/largely historical, one thing is however succinct via the record is the intension to show how Israel responded to God’s kindness as a struggling and imperfect people. How are we responding today?...Chapter fifteen (15) starts out with God’s laws as regarding the administration of burnt offering, voluntary offering, annual festival offering amongst other offerings that was expected from the children of Israel then, the chapter then continued by stating penalty for breaking Sabbath laws and also dictating to Moses the then leader to add tassels to his garment to show that he must/cannot make laws by himself except as the Lord says since it is the Lord that brought them out of Egypt. May God help us to first offer ourselves to Him as a living sacrifice (which is pivot in His requirements from us now) and by extension release part of the good things He blesses us with in Jesus mighty name. Amen. Rom 12:1, James 1:17, Luke 6:38.  

The Rebellion

A Levite with the name Korah along with Dotham and Abiram rebelled against Moses and by extension God’s leadership.Vs.1.They did not do this alone, they incited others to do same it is however worrisome and questionable that those influenced are :

1. Leaders 

2.Two hundred and fifty (250). The questions keep popping:

Shouldn’t they know better?

Were they expecting a rebellion the records showed they dived in easily/cheapish

How did they emerge as leaders?

How good was their leadership?

Their emphasis in Verse 3 reveals envy, Jealousy are we better today?

Insignificant ministry! Wrong mindset

Moses’s first comment was a statement of total trust in God and his choice saying God will affirm His chosen vessel tomorrow as it is His prerogative to do so, DO WE STILL ALLOW GOD CHOOSE AND AFFIRM HIS CHOICE AMONGST HIS PEOPLE?

Moses then mentioned it while questioning who looks like the main culprit in Vs. 9, IS YOUR MINSTRY INSIGNIFICANT THAT YOU HAD TO ASK FOR MORE by implication Moses was saying:

1. Do you know you are also a leader of some sort?

2. Do you know the worth of your office too?

3. Are you grateful to God for His grace on you at all?

4. Do you want to have it all before God and in God?

May God us help in represent Him in well wherever He has placed us in Jesus mighty name.

Characteristics of people suffering from the mentioned wrong mindset

i. They are obviously not busy for and in God

ii.Envious Of God’s grace and positioning of others Vs. 10

iii. Rebellious vs.1

iv.Stirs others to follow suit in their rebellion

Aftermath of rebellion

Death (spiritually and physically) or exiting a stage in a punitive manner Vs.31

Used as bad examples for other Vs. 40

They are dangers to their friends, associates and all their environment Vs.34-35


In Gods ministry there are no insignificant ministry, some may be wrongly assumed so maybe for visibility, publicity or remuneration amongst others but it is not so, don’t forget even if Paul plants and Apollos waters the Lord alone gives increase 1 Cor. 3:6,SO LIKE Wale Adenuga will say we are all pencils in the hands of the creator. Just like it is in human body as explained by Apostle Paul in 1 Cor.12:22 the parts that seems weakest and least important are actually most necessary same suffices for ministry we are all significant change that mindset today.


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