Christ is the owner of the church, you must give him His place, Rev. Osuolale tells Pastors at 2021 Pastors' Conference

Reverend Obaloluwa Osuolale

By 'Gbenga Bankole

A senior minister at Nigerian Baptist Convention (NBC), Reverend Obaloluwa Osuolale has urged Pastors to allow Christ take His place in the church because He (Christ) is the owner of the church.

He noted that Jesus Christ is the builder of the church and any church that is not built by Christ is not registered in Heaven.

Rev. Osuolale who stated this while ministering on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at Christ Apostolic Church 2021 Pastors' Conference, further stressed that the church is God's agent on earth and if the church is taken out of the earth, God has nothing to do again on earth.

He told the Pastors that any human tradition that is not based on the scriptures and teachings of the Apostles is nonsense and should not be allowed into the church; adding that it may work for a time, but will soon go into extinction.

According to Baptist cleric, some churches are leader-centered, that is, everything rests on what the leader says rather than what the Bible says. 

The Cleric disclosed that the Laodecian church locked Jesus out of His own church, saying that the present day church is similar to the Laodecian church.

Rev. Osuolale told the Pastors that they need to know that the church is the one inhibiting the devil from taking over the world, adding that, "you may not know how much your church is inhibiting the works of darkness in your environment."

He re-emphasized that if the Christ is the head of the church, you don't cook any soup for Him just like how a good wife would not cook anyhow food for her husband. 

Quoting Act chapter 20 verse 28, the Cleric said Christ purchased the church with His blood and he deserves to be the centre point, not any minister or Pastor who shed no blood. 

Pastors, according to him, must be totally dependent on Christ and His power, noting that they must throw themselves on Him and look to Him for anything we need.

He said, "we have to be totally committed to His mission. If you decide you don't want to follow His precept He won't follow you. We must commit ourselves to evangelism and discipleship. Jesus will not give you any fund if He knows you won't use the fund for His purpose. If Jesus remains centre, we must lift Him up and as He's lifted up in your life and church you will see His power in display."

"It is high time we allowed the Lord Jesus Christ into His church. If you don't allow Jesus to take His place in His church, He can use force because He won't take the second place," he concluded.

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