"Resurrection power lodged in Jesus Christ" by Pastor Akinyomi


Pastor J.O. Akinyomi

Text: John 11:23-26


One of the hopes that Christians have today is the resurrection of the dead. In the scriptures, the statements of Jesus are direct (straightforward)with regard to the resurrection of the dead.

The Sadducees, who did not believe in the resurrection, propounded a question to Christ in order to confute (disprove) the doctrine (of resurrection).

The resurrection of the Saints is called the manifestation of the sons of God: the glorious liberty of the children of God, the adoption, the redemption of our bodies.



A.   Based on the Promise of Christ – John 6:63

1.    Through the hearing of the word of Christ – John 5:25

2.    Through believing Christ’s word – John 6:40


B.   Based on the Person of Christ – John 11:25

1.    By accepting Christ as the Lord – John 6:44

2.    By knowing Christ – Phil. 3:10

3.    By appropriating Christ’s death and resurrection  - Rom. 8:11


C.   Based on the Power of the Spirit of God – Rom. 8:11


D.   Based on Identification with Christ – Rom. 6:3,4

1.    By being crucified with Christ

2.    By being raised with Christ

3.    By living the life of Christ



A.   It Grants Us New Birth – 1 Pet. 3:18


B.   It Transforms Our Experience – Rom. 6:11-14

1.    It gave us new hope

2.    It gave us victory over sin

3.    It gave us newness of life

4.    It is giving us holy life


C.   It Grants Us Immortality (To be Like Christ)

1.    The Angel’s life will be the model

2.    We have total freedom

-       Freedom from sin

-       Freedom from Satan

-       Freedom from sickness

-       Freedom from suffering



Because our Lord Jesus resurrected and lives forever, it gives us hope that those who believe in Him will be resurrected in the last day – when He will come for His own.


Are you ready?


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